Communism Is Alive And Well At Fep.

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  2. Its fast though, and obviously well built.
  3. No.............he is sporting an engine that is capable of supporting 1,100 HP. It certainly is not making that kind of steam.
  4. Ive got a set of seats capable of going in a 2,000hp car. Do I get points?
  5. No, it is kind of like sayin you have an income capable of supporting a wife, but in reality it just isn't so.
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  6. I'm a fan of the 50's mentality. Take what you have and stick whatever you can find in it. If you can find a more reliable, faster or more efficient part, go to it. How many Chevy "purist" are running a 9 inch under their cars? Every manufacturer makes a product, but cuts cost somewhere in the process. Find something that works better and use it. Honestly, one of the coolest trucks I've seen is a neighbor's 40ish GMC with a Cleveland in it. It just screams old-school hot rod. Rough around the edges, but runs strong. Ultimately, I agree with Mike, little of my Mustang retains factory stamping. The only thing I can honestly say is "pure Ford" would be the God Awful red interior. The only reason it's remains is the lack of planning prior to installing the roll bar.
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