Comp Cams VS Hot Rod Cams

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  1. Well you guys have been very helpful so far in my modding adventure haha so i figured i'd go ahead and get a little more advice before i order a set of cams. Right now i'm torn between the Comp cams Thumper Set and the Ford Racing Hot Rod set. Are there anyone using either of these that could give their input on the pros and cons of either? Thy will be mated up on my 05 Gt with a Pypes O/R X pipe, Flowmaster Catback, Steeda Underdrive Pullies, JLT intake, Sct programmer, and 4.10 Gears. I'm trying to reuse my factory springs and retainers to help ease the install but still get as much of a choppy idle as possible as well as the best in Horsepower gains. Any help will be appreciated, thanks :flag:
  2. i have heard both are good cams both sound wicked and choppy at idle try youtube and type in frrp hotrod cams or comp cams on 05gt stuff like that!!.. its up to you man just make sure you don't have to pass inspection and whatnot with em!! btw has their cams on sell check there for prices first! lol or if you want i could be your guinee pig send me one set of cams you buy the other lol if you like mine we can swap out!! ;) good luck man send me some video when you get it done!!

    ps sorry to jack your thread earlier just wanted to make sure you got it right!!
  3. it really is a tough choice, because they
    are similar in many respects.

    both cams will give you a very nice choppy
    lope to the exhaust and both will have
    power gains for a Naturally Aspirated

    the thumpers will require you to install phaser
    limiters, the hot rods will not.

    so, other than the ease of installation leaning
    in favor of the hot rods, imo you would be very
    happy with either.

    tunes are available from different sources, which
    include bama and brenspeed. a custom dyno
    tune would of course be best.

  4. yeah i noticed with the hot rods i wouldnt need phasers which would be a easier install but with already ordering all my stuff from brenspeed they will send me a tune that i can use until i can get it dynod for free... i checked youtube. both sound awesome. does anyone have either of these on there car now? i am looking to get one or the other within the next month just gotta make my decision. ill def post some vids of either or since you guys have def. been a help with all my modding.
  5. i know both will be about the same powerwise but just outta curiosity is either one known for making more power than the other?
  6. here is a dyno graph showing
    stock, hot rods and thumpers

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  7. looks like thumpers are the way to go then? they made the most power in that graph.
  8. does anyone out there have the thumpers that can chime in!? or think i should go with the hot rods instead?
  9. based on that graph, while the thumpers
    show a slight lead between 5000-6000 rpms,
    the hot rods lead below 2900 rpms.

    low end torque is what you feel, when you
    are starting out in first gear at low rpms.

  10. yeah hammeron you have a point, the power gains are better felt when the gains are throughout the powerband. still tryna get in touch with anyone who may have these on the car so someone can recommend which to go with. both seem like they are almost equal in performance, just cant make up my mind and hopefully someone on here can help ease my decision haha thanks guys
  11. Passing your state inspection requirements should be your biggest concern.

    I live in Pa. and my Ford Dealer told me neither of the cams in question are street legal. However, he says they would inspect and pass my car with the cams in it.

    If you live in Calif., I think you could not use them because they diffinately would not pass. :ban:
    I would check with the Ford Dealer in your area and ask if they would inspect your car with these cams in it.

    Good Luck,
  12. If its power you want then go with Comp Cams Stage II VSR cams. But if its just sound, then go with the Ford Hot Rod Cams'. They have a slightly larger valve event gap and are a bit lopeir. But the Comp Cams Stage II VSR cams make more power.
  13. im not worried about inspection and emissions, im looking for something with good sound and good performance but i want to keep my factory springs and retainers so that pretty much limits me to either the hot rods, thumpers, or comp stage II.... come on guys help me out this decision is killing me haha
  14. Can't have it all. If you want a better sound get the hot rod cams. If you want better performance get the Comp NSR stage 2 cams. I would personally get the Comp Stage 2 cams and order them from RAD Mustangs Performance Parts Shop
  15. I like the Hot rod cams myself, they're the only ones that don't lock out the VCT as far as I know. That's why you get better low end power with them.

    I'll give up 5 top end HP in exchange for better gains throught the entire power band.
  16. You can use limiters instead of locking them out if you want too. This is true with all but the most extreme cams and some of the F.I. cams. Also the Springs Required Stage II Comp's give you more power through the power band then hot rod cam's. They say 20 throughout and 50 peak. They being Comp cams. Most tuners will also agree.
  17. 20 throughout and 50 peak would be impressive even with the added expense of spring installation but are you sure their talking about an otherwise stock motor?
  18. im torn now, since i here that the thumpers dont make much power im thinking of going ahead and going with a set of Mac Longtubes and get the rest of the boltons before i dig into the heads or bottom end. That sound like a good way to go? Does anyone have any experience with these headers? If so what kinda hp gain can i expect with the L/T's?
  19. 127300 cams (VSR stage II') are actually an overall upgrade to the stock cams, and are used with a variety of n/a, turbo, and s/c applications by Livernois and ST Motorsports.

    one example:

    298 engine: ALIVE !!! - Welcome to S197 Forums. The only forum on the internet dedicated solely to the S197 Mustang!

    ...even on stroker/FI combo's.

    Its an overall upgrade.

    Will it be the best for any combo, I dont think so...

    If you are going into a built shortblock and FI, a custom grind would be best, but, if you want to get cams and cannot wait, the 127300's wont hurt.

    Its all in what you want and what your plan is... my car sounds pretty much stock.

    There only 'right' cam is a custom grind when your project is done; anything else is the best for what you got/gonna get.
  20. Yup. These numbers came from Comp Cam's but were also confirmed by the guys at JPC.