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  1. Anyone running any of the Xtreme Energy cams in a relatively stock motor. I wanted to get the XE270HR to go with my ported stock heads, and explorer intake I will be putting on. I hear the lobe design is good for torque with these grinds, and want to know anyones input on this cam. I will be getting the one for the 1.7's. The specs are: 270/276 advertised duration, 218/224 duration at .050", and .544"/.544" lift. Anyone have this cam? Where is the power made with this cam? Any low rpm driveability issues? Say like 1500 rpm in fifth gear?

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    p.s. Anyone see any problem with piston to valve clearance? It will be stock pistons with a stock valve size.
  2. I would check those specs because Extreme Hydraulic comp cam that I know is a .555/.565 lift and 224/232 at .50 duration I believe its there 274 XHC.
  3. Go for it. I have the same cam in my 89 GT and love it. My combo includes CNC powerheads, Edelbrock performer RPM intake, 70mm throttle body, 24# injectors and 76mm C&L MAF, BBK Headers and off-road exhaust, and that cam----backed by a 5 speed and 373s. I felt no loss in torque whatsoever and now that thing screams on the top end, pulls hard to 6000 rpm. Thats just my experience with it though. Every combo is different. Hope this helps.
  4. Do you have the 1.7's with it? Stock pistons? What about the low rpm driveability, 1500 rpm in fifth?

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  5. I have Proform 1.6 Roller rockers and stock pistons and have plenty of clearance. I think you will be alright with the 1.7s. Obviously it is not a cam you are going to floor the gas on if you are in 5th spinning 1500, but it cruises just fine at low rpm. Idle is very decent too, better than I had expected it to be.
  6. If you want mid to top end its a good cam if you want awesome low end up to 5800-6k use the comp cams nx264hr cam I am running this cam it is ground to preserve the low - mid end it sounds decent to not to lumpy but not stock either. And if you ever run Spray or super charger it is great fo that too.

    This cam has great street manners no surge no drive issues car runs perfect as it did stock.

    Here is a soundd clip of my car starting ideling and reving. Youll hear my son in the background LOL
  7. One more thing, call the guys at Comp Cams tech support. They can help make the right decision. After all, that's what they do everyday.
  8. I agree call comp cams they will help you. I will be running this cam soon im installing it after christmas. Im using performer heads/cobra intake manifold.
  9. Thanks for the help guys, pretty much what I was looking to hear. I am going to give comp cams a call within the next few days to see what they say about it. Anyone have any other input on the cam?

    I am still hoping Imyourzero would post some input, since he has basically the same setup I will have.

  10. I ran that same cam with my old combo and loved clearance issues.i have my old one which has about 9k on it in box with spec card i will sell [email protected]
  11. 5.0GT - you're gonna change/have changed valve springs, right?
  12. Yeah definitely. I will be getting springs from thumper that are good for .590" lift. They are dual springs, but I forget the seat pressure. Michael Yount, I know you recommended the XE264HR, but do you think the 270 will work just as well? It has a bit more duration both sides, and the powerband is a bit higher in the rpms, which I am looking for.


    p.s. jdallen.......check your mail
  13. Actually, not to mince words, if pushed for a recommendation I'll steer people towards a custom cam. Sometimes folks just plain don't want to do that, and in those cases I'll steer them towards the CompCams XE line. Which one you pick is up to you. I tend to stay towards the milder end of the spectrum - I'm old.
  14. That .544 valve lift spec is with 1.7 rr's. The spec with 1.6 rr's is .512
  15. :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

    Not sure why you brought up this old post, but I already had those specs in the first post. It's cool though :nice:

  16. I meant to say that you don't NEED 1.7's for that cam. That's what it sounded like in your first post......and I brought it back because I did a search for that cam.
  17. I run that cam with scorpion 1.6rr, I love it and it works well with the computer. The idle is nice and nasty, however I do attribute some of the sound to the head flow, and the exhaust set up, not just the cam. There are better choices for a street car that spends most of the time down low in the RPMS, but my combo was designed to make good power mid and top end of the band..and that's what it does.