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  1. HaHa! I definitely believe there is something to your reasoning. Unfortunately that means I'm getting old as well. ;-)
  2. Wow, it'd been over a year since anyone posted in this thread.....and now it's back, lol.
  3. Back from the dead!!

    Does anyone have a sound clip or video of the CompCams XE270HR idling and revving? I'm having my 90 Mustang 302 roller motor rebuilt using GT40 cast heads, Edelbrock Performer intake and Edelbrock 600cfm carburetor. Maxwell at CompCams recommends this one for me. I'll be running stock 1.6 rockers so the lift will be .512 on the Intake and Exhaust.

    Yeah, bring this post back from the dead.

  4. Eddy small valve heads with the XE270HR-12 and 1.6RRs typhoon intake. Exhaust is LT and H by mac into single chamber flows...idle is very snappy but I have no vid.
  5. I also run this cam with the 114 lobe separation, It is a 3k and above cam, after I installed my procharger it breaks the tires loose almost everytime at 3k, it sounds good at idle too. If youre going n/a then decide if you want a lower rpm cam; if going with blower or nitrous then do it. I currently run it with the combo in my sig and it kicks *** above 3k.
  6. n/a only. The car will be street only. I want it to be quick from stop light to stop light. Should I look at a smaller rpm cam? Maybe the XE264HR?
  7. I love mine on the street with 3.73 in the rear the car is just a blast to drive. Maybe a little soft under 2000 but as you can see with my dyno sheet in my sig the torque comes on solid after 2 and averages over 300 to well past 5000rpm...great on the street IMO.
  8. I just swithched to the extreme XE276HR,it has .544 lift both sides w/ 1.7 rockers,I run 1.72 so I should net .550 lift. Makes power from 2200-6200. I would call comp tell them what you have for engine work(heads,TB etc...) that is what I did and they recommended this cam. Fired it up Fri. night sounds good,idles good, snappie throttle,now I can't wait for the track to open to see what kinda power she makes. :)
  9. Yeah, the Extreme Energy cams seem to be a better cam (Power wise) than the Ford lettered 303 series cams. The split duration cams that favor the exhaust seem to help produce more power on the GT40 iron heads since they need a lot of help on that side.

    My builder said that the CompCams are made from better material than other cams. Is there any truth to this? My builder builds dirt track motors for a living, so I trust he knows what he's talking about. He said the $100 more for the CompCams is a small price to pay for the added power and strength the cam will provide over the others.

    If your budget is lower, The Trick Flow Series 1 seems to be a good alternative cam too for the GT40 iron heads.

    I’m referencing the GT40 cast iron heads because that is what have and what I've been researching. These cams will probably work really well with other heads too.

    Id really like to hear some sound clips or videos of your all's cars.

    DMAN302, thanks for your clip…the car sounds mean. What numbers are you pulling?

    COUGAR5.0, I'd like to hear your new setup.
  10. numbers were corrected 317/344 after my SCt tune. You can see the graph in my sig under "Roller results"
  11. this cam specs sais that is to use 1.7 rockers
  12. I run the 1.6's simply because I was worried the steep ramp rate of the cam would tire the valvetrain prematurely...results were excellent but yes the cam calls for 1.7rr's.
  13. DMAN - what are your mods?
  14. im thinkin of running the same cam(xe270hr) in my motor with stock heads valves and pistons. if i use the 1.6rr's will i have and piston to valve clearance problems?
    im doing this for the first time so any help or advice will be much appreciated!
  15. This may be a little late, but with 1.6 RRs you should have no problems whatsoever.
  16. bringing this post back from the dead for the 3rd time. so any updates on this cam? i currently have this cam but not yet installed. i plan on running it with 1.72 rr, gt 40 heads, stock valves (new valve job), stock style pistons and yes heavy springs. but hesitant that it may have too much lift and cause problems and clearance issues. anyone currently running this cam with 1.7 rr's?