Comp Cams Xe276 Hr

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  1. Anyone ever use this cam? I think you need 1.7s for this. I found one with a used pair of GT40 irons really cheap. I am looking for a cam with good low to mid range tq. Not really sold on this for a combo, but the price is really that good. I have all supporting mods and 3.73s
  2. Post a link to the part number, it would be easier than google searching for exactly what you are talking about.
  3. CCA-35-328-8
  4. comp cams website recommends 355s or lower...hmmm
  5. Better install you a good set of valve springs. Factory springs won't handle that lift. And if I'm understanding that right, it's saying that the lift you get is .544 with a 1.7 RR. So if you were to go 1.6 for some reason, you'd be down to like what, .514?

  6. I'll assume its really 35-320-8 which is a decent cam for that combo is like the TFS stage 1 personally.

    The issue with the standard gt40 iron head is they use different valve keeper locations so that is why the retainers are different from intake to exhaust. So you have to be careful what you upgrade to spring wise with those stocker retainers and rotators.

    I'd like to see 100#-120 of seat pressure on that cam personally.

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