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  1. Alot of comparing lately to GTO, WRX and such. But this car and cars like this one are the kind of cars that really compete against the mustang.

    Especially with the chicks. 240hp, full independent suspension, six speed, and lighter than the stang for about the same price. Don't get me wrong, I think the stang blows this thing away, but it is a fairer comparison than the GTO which is closer to the cobra, and the WRX which is a four door sedan.

    Ps. the link went to the homepage. Click on coupe and then 3.0 ex to see the 2 door.
  2. Lacks sex appeal. Good car though. The regular WRX isn't a bad comparison, based on overall performance and cost.

    It seems, for the time being, the mustang is in a class by itself.
  3. Thats true, but performance wise everybody compares the top of the line WRX for some reason. My only question is if honda can put the six speed in standard equipment, why can't Ford?
  4. 1. It's japanese

    2. It's a 4 door

    3. It's got the snappy drive of a snail

    4. It doesn't have a roaring V8

    5. It's ugly as hell

    6. Did I mention it's japanese?

    Now why would I compare a 4 door family econo box to a sports car? I would not even think of looking at one if I was searching for other cars to compare to a mustang...
  5. The only car honda has is the s2000 or the old prelude....and still they are ricers. The thing is with the GTO it is a mucle car from back when, along with the mustang. That is why they are compared again cause they used to run together.....
  6. There is no doubt to me that the WRX Sti represents a hell of a performance bargain. 300hp/300lb-ft with great handling and all wheel drive for $32k is pretty decent. It makes me wonder how they managed to do it so cheap. A lot of subaru owners swear by their durability, but subaru has never really built a road car like this before so who knows. Iv'e heard they have been having some clutch/tranny problems and paint also seems to be an issue on some of them.

    Isn't there a 350z or g35 that goes for under $30k?
  7. Yeah, read the whole post. I said to click on the coupe and 3.0ex which is a two door coupe. Comparison is for two door coupes in the same price range. The GTO is priced in the cobra range and the WRX is a four door. Lots of people will look at this car for its quality and reliability, because it is Japanese. I love stangs, and my family ride is a toyota. No stang has been able to compare to the reliability of that thing. Why would you compare a four door?
  8. Sure, I can see that. I'm only saying that price wise the GTO should be compared with the Cobra, not the GT. The s2000 is a two seater roadster, and its over 30k so its not a comparison either.
  9. Yeah, the 350Z starts under 30k, but I have not seen one optioned for under about 35k. Good looking car though, deserves more power than they gave it. Maybe they will do a twin turbo like the 93 models(I think it was 93).
  10. Yeah I get what you are saying about the cobra. And I know the s2000 isn't really camparible I was just saying that the one cars honda really has are those two. The arcord has some power but it's still "the family car."
  11. Who needs a highway gear?
  12. If anything, they'll probably do a supercharger.
  13. WtF???? What chicks do you think are trying to pick up guys driving a honda accord??? People shopping for the mustang are not going to cross shop the accord. I dont understand where you would link the 2 at all.
  14. Built in US.

    It's not.

    It will blow the doors of a V6 Mustang, and only about .5 seconds slower than the GT.

    It doesn't need it.


    Yes you did. Honda = reliable, well built, lasts forever, quality materials, good ergonomics, great residual value.

    1. It's not 4 door. It's a coupe
    2. It's not an econo box. Neons and Civics are. Accords are actually quite nice.
    3. Mustang is not a sports car

    All that being said, I completely agree with you that almost no one will cross shop an Accord with a Mustang and that the two are in completely different categories. But your reasons are not very good.
  15. What he said.

    Also, it's FRONT WHEEL DRIVE. I don't know any car nuts who would even consider a FWD car unless it was to be used for the family transportation appliance (ok, I will make a small exception for Saabs and Mini Coopers). People only buy Accords for their reliability and resale value.
  16. Last I checked honda is japanese, don't give a crap if it's slapped together in ohio, or kentucky or whatever. 2 door or 4 door, still japanese crap. It's like comparing a 10 speed bike to a motorcycle. Just because you've grown up with advertising rammed down your throat that japanese stuff is good doesn't mean it is. When I grew up japanese stuff was cheap imitation, still is to me. How many of their luxo cars are trying to be BMWs or Mercs? Sports stuff ranges from imitating vettes, to ferraris and porsches. Still mimicing. They use american designers out of california and still they just imitate. I'm not giving my money to the japanese if I don't have to. Last I checked this was a mustang board, an american car board.

    Oh brother, you can't even say j a p, that's how brainwashed the american public is!
  17. Though it comparable in performance with the 99+ GT, that thing is an economical, practical, boring family car any way you slice it, always has, always will be.
  18. WTF???? Read my post. I did not say chicks were picking up guys driving hondas. I said chicks would opt to buy the honda. The link is that they are both two door coupes in the same price range. If people would read a post instead of skimming over it...
  19. You must have grew up yesterday or something cause Japanese cars have always been high quality. And I don't need some advertising to tell me cause I've owned over twenty cars and the lexus and toyota were the two most quality built ones. How come a foreign car company(Toyota) just surpassed an American car company(Ford) in total sales. Thats pretty sad when that happens in Ford's back yard. I guess there are just too many people brainwashed out there to buy the Ford. I love my V8 cars but the bottom line is Ford needs to step up the quality. And I don't care if this is a mustang board, I can post about any car I want. Especially if its related to what the discussion is about. I'll bet there are plenty of Americans working in Kentucky that would agree with what I'm saying, cause the money they are getting paid is as green as any.
  20. There is a professional drag racer that is a lady running 9's in a cavalier. Last time I checked, thats a front drive car.