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  1. hey vyto2 you're a f ucking idiot. How can you honestly say that because a car is Japanese it's bad. That's the most ignorant thing I've hears in a while. Ever seen an Acura NSX-T, or a WRX STI, or a JUN Supra, or an Integra Type-R, or the new Acura TL, or a Nissan Skyline GTR? I f ucking hate this s hit. Too many people who are pro-japanese, or pro-domestic. Get it straight, A GREAT CAR CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE. It's been proven.
  2. I agree. No need for racist bs. The Japanese make some great cars and many are on your list. But I don't consider ANY FWD car to be a serious performance car--the Integra is just a hopped up Civic, and the Acura TL is just a loaded Euro Accord. In my latest copy of Road & Track they were complaining about excessive torque steer on the Acura TL! That's a joke on a car that costs that much.
  3. When they start using FWD in F1 then maybe I'll change my mind.
  4. You like japan that much? Move there. Muscle cars are doing runs in the 6's, who cars about some 9 second cavalier? Yes, heavily modded muscle cars, but none of that front drive crap is stock either. And yes this is a MUSTANG site, not a honda site, Go talk that crap on one of their site, tell the other morons how your civic beat a vette, a ferrari, etc...

    You start out talking accord and then throw nsx, wrx, and gtr's at me? Please, those 80 grand and up.... real comparison. The only reasonable one in there is the wrx, and still it's different catagories your comparing. Compare the wrx against mitsu's latest lancer, not a stang.

    I've driven all the major players big block cars, stangs, vettes, chevelles, camaros, firebirds, etc. If all you've driven is you mommies car and you see some numbers in some magazine, they don't mean squat.
  5. Accourd coupe is FWD, enough said!
  6. WOW so much to coment on I barely know where to start. But I'll give it a shot.

    For the price of the 9 second cavalier (Which is funny since it is made by a domestic builder). How fast could you have made a mustang or camaro or GTO? Exactly.
    Now as for the JUN Supra. So we are to include tuner cars now? I don't even think you should even start that one. As for the GTR and nxs they are not all that great stock. As well as limited edition and expensive. This is not to say they are not good cars. But if I am going to pay that kind of money. There are other cars I'd buy.
    As for quality. Read the other post on this board. Sure first year problems domestics are behind the imports. But read down to 3 year and older and they are less than 10% behind. While they do build quality vehicles they do have crappy built vehicles coming out as well. Every car manufacturer does. I ave not owned nor would I own a honda. But my brother and sister in law both do. My sister in law's has bad seals and has flooded the interior and the trunk everytime it rains. My brother's is having brakes problems. I've owned my Cobra for 4 years. And have had no problems. We can all site examples of cars with problems.
    Now as for what a woman will buy. Cool let her buy it. Doesn't mean I am going to buy one or even compare it to a mustang. Of course I am a true mustang fan. And will only consider the mustang (Sorry if you don't like it). It also doesn't mean that everyone is going to consider it alongside a mustang. Whether or not you like it. Most people likely do not even consider those cars alongside each other. It's just not in people's nature. On a personal note. I don't know 1 person that has been in the market and compared a honda coupe to a mustang. They view the honda as an economy car (Good gas mileage and high resale value). And they view the mustang as having powerful but fuel ineffiecent engines. As for the 240 hp great but what is the torque rating? And the 6 speed. All I can say is WOW some people just can't get over the fact that the mustang is still going to have a 5 speed.
  7. mp67, japanese cars have not always been high quality. The 70's and early 80's cars were good on gas but total crap. Look around and see how many you still see. Of the ones you find ask the owner how many rust holes he had fixed.
  8. have successfully convinced me to sell my supra and run down to the ford dealer to buy a gt. What on earth was i thinking buying that japanese hunk of junk? A fool i am!
  9. Yeah, i ain't talking about having driven something. My 77 vette and 67 fastback shelbyclone don't belong to anybody but me. I've owned a 5.0, three different camaros and a big block TA. I drove countless muscle cars back in the eighties when I was in the tranny buisness, but they were not mine so that aint about sh**. Maybe you can't read cause the post was started saying that people are comparing the new GT to the GTO and WRX. One is a four door and the other is priced with the cobra. This was just illustrating that the GT's price range puts it in sales competition with the accord, and not the other two. I guess I'll be like you and some of the others here from now on.

    Yeah, mustangs rock, everything else sucks yeah. Not. :rolleyes:
  10. Sad, sad day when a mustang board of all things has become a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' lovers convention... next you guys will be telling me drifting is better! If you like burning your tires off in two laps! :p Style points yes, practice to be in the next starsky and hutch movie? Sure. But real racing, nah! Sure all racers drift but only to the point of losing adhesion. Drifting is nothing but old school dirt tracking, slam the brakes at a turn to get the car aimed right and power the gas, muscling the car around. No finesse, not the fastest way around the corner, just the fastest wheels speed. Meh....
  11. The late seventies was when the move toward these cars really started. After owning several American luxury cars that fell apart, my parents bought a toyota. I gave them total hell about buying foreign. Now at their age then, I understand that if you get burned enough for your hard earned dollars, you don't care where you spend it, as long as you get your moneys worth. I have a 95 Chevy truck with only 72k on it. Total piece of crap. Ac broke three times, oil burner big time, can't keep the front end in line. Then 6 months ago the tranny went out without warning. Just would not move. Cost me 900. I won't buy Chevy truck this year. My dad had similar problems with his Chevy. I'll try Ford for my new truck and see. Talk about American made, my truck was assembled out of country. :rlaugh: Says so right on the door tag. Some are assembled in Mexico and some in Canada. Half the parts on it are metric. I don't care what brand a car is, I just want my money's worth. And just about everything rusted in the seventies and eighties. :rlaugh:
  12. You can blame the mexican and canadian crap on NAFTA, I'd prefer to keep my car made in the usa, it's not a dirty word, try it some time. And the japanese stuff is better? Had friend with a toyota land cruiser, total rust bucket. He had a nissan pick up too, had to replace the timing belts at 50 K, not cheap, you 900 isn't even close. They import cheap steel from us in the japanese made cars. I can walk up to them and put my fist threw the sheet metal. Yeah, that's quality, keep buying into the hype...
  13. Good about time you became a mustang owner. Participating in mustang discussion. Not a supra owner lurking on a mustang board
  14. :rolleyes: When I drove down to the Chevy dealer to buy a Chevy truck that is supposedly an American brand, I thought I was getting a made in America truck. The dealer does not tell you it is not. It has nothing to do with nafta, it is chevrolet saving money by paying dirt wages down in mexico at the chevrolet plant. Nafta is for importing mexican goods. It is common for ALL American companies to use out of country or overseas labor on the cheap and sell you an AMERICAN BRAND product. Its laughable. Do you know when you get a call about your American brand gas card, its usually from India? Alot of American credit cards for that matter.
  15. :rlaugh: Yeah, at least I own a Stang.
  16. Ohhhhh myyy.....

    However the shift to Japanese cars in the 70s and early 80s was because of their fuel economy not their durability. That being said I don't see many really old Japanese cars around and I sure as hell don't see very many old Japanese trucks in comparison to the tons and tons of mid 80s pick ups I see everyday still running strong.

    Still though there are good performance vehicles on both sides of the Pacific. Neither country can claim dominance over the other in this market.

    If somebody gave me a Supra I'd jump on it just as fast as a Mustang.
  17. Actually, nafta was what made it ok to use more foriegn plants. Yes, it is deceptive, you honestly think ANY car maker is going to point out the flaws in their system? And lets face it, ANY car maker is in the business to sell you cars, planned obsolescence is in all of them. You don't just buy a new car because the body style changed, most of us buy a new car cause the old one is wearing out and giving us grief. They all can use better materials and the cars would last longer, but they don't want to wait 20 years for you to buy another one. Their excuse is it would get too expensive and we wouldn't be able to afford them, but truth is, they want you back within 5 years.
  18. mp67. I hate to say it. But literally everyone I know that has a chevy truck has had problems. To the point that none of them are willing to ever buy another one.
  19. i think i'd rather walk
  20. That's pretty much how I feel about a supra. :D