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  1. 1) they didn't surpass Ford. They fudged the original numbers and later admitted they counted their sales numbers differently than Fords, and that Ford was in fact still #2 and led Toyota by 230,000 units or so.

    2) Ford doesn't have the presence in Japan the way Toyota has in the U.S.A. Their automotive market is very tight and heavily japan centered. Not as free a market for imports as we have here in the u.s.a. They sell 2+ million cars in japan a year (while Ford has little if any presence there), and have a good market share here in the U.S. as well (thanks to our open market). Do the math and you'll see this works out to Toyota's advantage, and not Fords. This is pretty much the only reason why they're even threatening to occupy the number two slot.

    3) they didn't outsell Ford on the world market, let alone Ford here in the U.S.A. Don't know where you're getting the whole "backyard" thing. They aren't even close to outselling Ford here in the states.

    Just thought i'd point that out.
  2. All I can say is I will never buy a japanese BRAND vehicle period, only Fords period. If Fords were that bad there wouldnt be millions of people buying them anualy::rolls eyes::
  3. Is this a joke????
  4. Well you don't know me and I have owned 4 of them and would buy another in a minute. The first one had 287,000 miles when it got sideswiped and all was still original. Because of the age and damage, the insurance wrote it off. The second had 217,000 and the only problem was the transmission which got rebuilt, I sold it because I wanted something cheaper on gas since I commute 210 miles to work. That truck worked very hard pulling a fifth wheel in the rocky mountains every summer, so it was bound to happen. The other two, I still own and one is for sale to be replaced with the Mustang next year.

    A chevy truck is nothing worth comparing to a Mustang. It's like comparing a banana to a potato. Both are you can eat but that is a far as the comparison goes. Chevy trucks vs Mustang, both you drive, but thats it. But I know that is not why the "chevy truck" was mentioned...American Product. Fullsize GMC and Chevy trucks are built in Ontario, Canada (or Fort Wayne Indiana). Big deal...Canada vs might as well say we are one country, because the American influence is very noticable in Canada. I see no border in the future between us, some will hate it some will love it. It doesn't matter to me either way.
  5. You have obviously had some good luck with the trucks. It has not however been the experience of everyone else I know. Maybe you are getting better quality or just have had better luck. One of my friends owned the ss454. But sold it when he got beat routinely by the lightning. He is now very unhappy with dodge. Since his V-10 took a dump and the dealer wanted $10k to replace the engine. These guys are all hard on their trucks. All are professional truck drivers. And they put lots of miles on their vehicles.
  6. The only time any of my trucks ever let me down that I can remember was once when the starter quit. The truck had about 180,000 miles on it. The transmission problem I knew it was going to break so I had it rebuilt before it broke down in the middle of nowhere.
  7. In one of my friend's truck the tranny went at 50k. Then once it was repaired the motor seized at 60k. It was his last attempt at owning a truck
  8. Canada and the U.S. had been doing automotive business long before NAFTA ever came in. The proximity to Detroit and the fact that Canadians actually buy these cars means it make sense. Remember Windsor engines?
    Wylde: why would there be no border?
  9. I foresee north america as one big ass country, it's been talked about for over 20 years and someday some one will make it happen. It would simplify a lot of things. I don't know maybe I am out to lunch, sometimes I wish we were one country, think of the opportunities for both sides.

    Sorry, we went off topic again :(
  10. Canada had a vote about 10 years or so back on weather they wanted to join the US. They voted it down by a large margin. It was not even close. Mexico would love to be part of the US.
  11. Then why are you on this board waisting everyone's time?
  12. You kidding? A LOT of us drive on the highway. Not everybody is bound to city streets.
  13. I drove a Chevy truck for 16 years straight. When I traded it in for a new Thunderbird for my wife, it had 207,000 miles and still ran like new (even the Ford dealer had to admit that). If I needed a truck, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. But I don't need a truck and never will.
  14. 4 door granny cars are not competition... subarus especially aren't competition, I don't care what anyone thinks... 4 doors are for douche bags
  15. you don't need 6 gears. you don't even need 5...
  16. That's true ONLY if you never leave a city. The 6th gear is great on the Interstate. I just drove 250 miles in a 6-speed and my tach STAYED below 2,000 RPM. (While I cruised at 75+) I saved gas and put half the engine wear on that I would have if it were a 4-speed with no overdrive. Half the engine wear - that is significant.
  17. I disagree. Subarus send power to the rear wheels, have a great HP to weight ratio, and are priced about the same as Mustangs. So I think they are competition--maybe not for a Detroit RWD V8 purist, but for a lot of buyers. Subaru should offer the WRX in a two door like they did with the previous generation of Imprezia.
  18. I guess it all depends on how you define competition then. Because you can find a justification for nearly any car to be "competition" for the stang. So in that line of thinking. The Ezno is competition. Since it puts power to the rear wheels. Has a fantastic hp to weight ratio. And is a 2 door.
  19. I like Ford Mustangs a lot. That being said I also like Japanese and European performance cars. Here's a list of cars I am considering for my next in no particular order:

    Acura Integra "Type R"
    Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4
    Suburu WRX
    Mazda RX-8
    Ford Mustang GT (1995+)(SVT)
    Nissan 350Z
    Nissan 240SX
    Lexus SC300
    Lexus IS300
    BMW M3, BMW M5 (obviously used)
    Dodge SRT4

    I don't know why everyone hates on Japan so much. Check out this link:

    and this one:

    Pretty awesome if you ask me.
  20. Price is a bit back seat, either.