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  1. No. And I guess I'll explain it this way. When you talk about people who will consider buying a stang, the point is this: Most people considering a stang, (I said most meaning everyday average people and not car freaks) will not consider a GTO(To high in price) or a WRX(four door sedan), they would consider something like this as the alternative. Especially V6 buyers which probably outnumber V8 buyers. V6 buyers of stangs include women, young guys who need cheaper insurance, etc...Even V8 buyers who are not in it for modding, but want decent driving and accelerating cars. This car would be considered for them. Of course not for the hp minded guys and such. Two door sport coupe and price is the thing in common. Ford does not care what you buy their car for, so long as you buy. So they would care how many chicks bought this honda if it means lost sales. Make any better sense now?
  2. How about taking a long one now....the supra section looks like this>>>>>>> :owned:
  3. Ok and subaru's are not rwd they are 4wd or AWD. And they have 4 doors.

    What I am saying is you can justify any car as competition if you try hard enough. But let's be realistic. Barely anyone considers the mustang anything other than a pony car. It's RWD with 4 seats, 2 doors, and hp/torque numbers.
  4. The torque on V6 accords is actually pretty decent. Here's a dyno comparing a stock AUTOMATIC V6 accord and a stock WRX.


    I'm a big Mustang fan but I also understand that Accords have the highest customer rating, last forever, and for your money they are well worth it. Would I buy one? Sure, if the need for a family sedan came along. As life stands currently I'm goign to buy a 2006 GT/Cobra or a 2002 Z06.
  5. Ok, I dont understand the dyno sheet. What Are the drawn in pen marks suppose to be? Also how can this be a stock comparison when it reads with cold air system installed??
  6. I don't like to bash anyone on these forums, but honestly if you even consider comparing an Accord to a Mustang you need to pick a different hobby!
  7. What kind of doctored up bootleg dyno sheet is that?
  8. :rolleyes:
  9. The two door Accord and the Acura RSX are a valid targets for the V6 Mustang. The regular WRX is a valid target for GT's. Ford would love to take market share from any of those three vehicles.

  10. I had a friend with a 1993 Accord that died at 109,000. I guess it all depends on what your definition or forever is.
  11. You can't base it on one case. Maybe your friend took crappy care of his car. I changed the tranny fluid on a toyota truck for the first time at 240k. Tranny went out the next day. With regular changes from the beginning, he probably could have doubled his mileage.
  12. Import vs. domestic

    Guys, I'm going to clear up all this import vs. domestic crap for you. The reason imports are so "great and reliable" is because they are all tested in Japan or Europe or where ever they are for months or even years before we get them, so most of the bugs get worked out during that time period. I have family in Germany and they love their porches and all that, but they are a lot cheaper to buy over there, and they are more cheaply made. Meanwhile, american cars are more reliable and expensive to buy in other countries, because they have been on american roads for months or years before other countries got them. When i went to germany to visit my family, i was hanging out with my cousin and saw a porche and said "that car is awesome". My cousin said "yea its ok, but THAT car is really nice". He pointed at a FORD FOCUS! i was thinking hed lost his mind, but that focus was WAY nicer than the ones we get in america, and it was stock, although it looked like it had mods out the ass. Also, he said focus' cost the equivalent to about 20,000 U.S. dollars over there. Thats a lot for a focus. If you go to other countries, they like our cars better because they get tested and improved versions of our cars. We get tested and improved versions of theirs. So really, no ones cars are BETTER. I have a friend in the marines who has a 1995 z28 camaro. He was stationed in Japan and he said the kids were always gawking at his car, just like someone over here would gawk and a skyline gtr if they saw one. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU LIVE.