Competition for the V6 mustang

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  1. That's not a bad little truck....and an "SS" version with 300 ponies would be nice...but as per usual, they compare it to some sort of Stang. Seems to happen a lot....
  2. why is gm targeting its own brands again
  3. I'm just curious as to why they think it will compete with the mustang. I mean the vibe and the pt cruiser are are more station wagon type vehicles. Not 4 seat sports coupes. And a truck doesn't even begin to get close to a sports coupe.
  4. I read that too and wondered what on earth was it they were trying to say. It's like comparing a race horse to a donkey. Maybe had they used it comparing the Ranger and Dakota it would have made more sense. I guess since they are not offering anything at all in the class they are trying to fool people by comparing a truck to a car.
  5. It's a TRUCK, not a sports car. No matter how fast, how low, how well it handles, it is still a TRUCK. Trucks, even fast ones, are not now, not ever going to be sports cars, muscle cars, or pony cars. TRUCK. whole different market, if you ask me.

    I think the real V6 Mustang competition is going to be other small verts and coupes like the Mitsu Spyder and coupe, Hyundai Tiburon, Celica, and other such. In spite of the marketing, around here PT's and Vibes seem to be driven by older people who are looking for a practical wagon.

    BTW, that truck's a lot nicer looking than that turd SSR GM keeps pushing.
  6. It's a cool truck, but I dont think I would get the same enjoyment out of it over a car. The only reason I would get it is if I needed the utility of a truck but wanted a little performance to be added to it.
  7. Looks good, and seems like a fun truck. I would certainly consider it if I had to get a truck. I like the new Colorados. No way that compares in any form to a Mustang though.
  8. They killed the F-body so they could build a truck to compete with the Mustang.


    EDIT: They obviously tested against the current V6 Mustang. By the time the ZQ8-equiped trucks hit the market, the '05 will be almost out, and that will out-handle the truck by a big margin.
  9. NO....... and they are saying on handling not straight line.
  10. THe ZQ8 Colorado have been out for 4 or so months now. They replaced the S-10 Xtreme. I want to get a boat or jet ski this summer and want to get a small truck for a daily driver/tow vehicle, If I can afford the payments I will definatly consider the Colorado ZQ8 reg cab, but I'll probably just end up getting 6+yr. old used S10 or Ranger.

    I think they just picked those cars b/c they were trying to get the point across about the handling. If they said it handles better than the Ranger Dakota and Tacoma, people really would not take notice. Showing that it out handles a sports coupe and AWD car make it look that much more impressive.
  11. no one?
  12. Cause they can't think of anyone else that might be as bad:lol:
  13. It replaces the S10 Xtreme, no one else builds a low cost sport truck anymore, the Dokota R/T is done after this year.
  14. not that, they said its competing with the vibe
  15. They arn't building it to compete with the Vibe, they are just using the Vibe as a handling benchmark. Vibe = AWD wagon, Colorado = RWD pickup, people looking for a truck arn't going to be buying the vibe.
  16. just out of curiosity why would someone need a small truck with those kinds of characteristics. And z I see you have a cobra and an ss. Which do you like better and why
  17. Not to start a pissing contest...but Colorado = RWD TRUCK, Stang = RWD CAR
    Why they're comparing the two is beyond me. People that want a car will buy the Stang for that reason....people that want a truck will buy the Colorado because it's a truck....not becasue it "competes" with the Mustang.
  18. For sports car people that need a truck. I was considering a Lightning before I got the Cobra. Sometimes I wish I got the Lightning, I want to get a boat or jet ski this summer and need something to tow with. I hate driving SUVs and Trucks that feel like they are going to roll over. Full size trucks seem to handle better but I don't need something the big or expensive.
  19. Funny you guys posted all this because I was choosing between purchasing an 04 V6 Mustang coupe and the ZQ8 colorado for a new purchase! :) I test drove both and the ZQ8 was just all around better then what I felt in driving the mustang. The truck pulled harder, had a nicer interior, and got similar gas milage as the mustang. Plus I like the looks more then the v6. In addition I can now launch our family boats without renting a vehicle to do so. Thats all just personal opinion which doesnt mean much to you, but my point is that there ARE people comparing those two vehicles...