competition orange 04 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Black03GTRR, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Is there really only 72 coupes and 72 convertables made in the color competition orange?
  2. It's possible but that sounds a little low. Comp. Orange :drool:
  3. You guys think that color is ugly?
  4. That color is ugly IMO.
  5. For me it's the best one... :D
  6. Whoever told you that is a little confused...

    There were 281 coupes and 72 verts in competition orange.

  7. :drool: this means drool, like I think it is awesome :nice: Actually looked at one and considered it before going with the fastest color of all cobra's. :banana:
  8. yea the orange looks pretty sick... :nice:
  9. Sorry Dr. Wu.... Redfire is NOT the fastest color! It's already been proven that Oxford White is the fastest! Don't believe me? Here ya go!


    203.231 MPH

  10. orange looks sick :)
  11. There were only 72 Comp. orange Cobra converts. produced. I was shocked to find out how rare it was. With the black top and black interior, it is by far the best looking convertible on the road. I think mine will look sick with the roll bar sticking out the top too.... :D
  12. I saw an '04 Competition Orange Cobra parked in front of a nightclub on Saturday. My Silver '04 was jealous :)
  13. :lol: that is just sick :worship:
  14. :spot: This reminds me of my search for an orange 96 GT, only 800 made . Now they make a good orange again in a nice cobra with less than 300 made. Sure I want a mystic (2,000) made. But why get a cool color like mystic when there is an even more rarer coler.

  15. I love the Comp Orange myself!! :nice: :nice:
  16. Rare is another way of saying Least Popular........ CO is nice... but it was also available on GT's and V6 Mustangs.. so there are far more CO Mustangs running around than just the Cobras....
  17. They actually have a registry for the comp orange at I think one or two of the members might have one for sale there.
  18. Damn Mark... haven't you got some EPR's or something to write? Don't you have anything better to do than dredge up 2 year old posts about crappy competition orange colored cars? :D

  19. I wanted one of those verts baaaad for a while. Just didn't want another car payment. They are sick though!