Roush Competition Orange 04 Saleen.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by akatherazor4, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. Has anyone seen a Competition Orange Saleen yet? If so do you have any pics?

    Razor. :nice:
  2. Last year at the 2003 Saleen Show in September there were 2 on the assembly line being built.

    It may take me a while to dig up some pictures if I have them.
  3. I don't want to cause you any extra work Mike, but if you find them then please post em up! I will owe you big time for it. :hail2: I've always wanted an orange stang ever since the tangerine 96 came out. I've seen both the cobra and mach 1 in comp. orange and they haven't gotten me over the fence yet. It will take allot for me to sell my cobra, maybe the comp orange saleen will do it.

    P.S. The Saleen of mine took "Best Mustang of 2004" at the Fun Ford Richmond event a while back. :D

  4. I had mine in for service the other day and they had one there. Here is the link to their inventory. Click on the Comp Orange one for a picture. Saleen Inventory
  5. Thanks for posting that link! :nice: The car is extremely tempting now that I see it. I'm wishing they had a few more pics with better angles, but I'm greatful that you hooked me up.

    Thanks again,
    Razor. :hail2:

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  6. I'm dropping mine off again next week for the tranny TSB, I'll snap a few for you.
  7. There's one at a dealership here in Saskatoon, SK. Canada.

    Not often you see a car like this up here.
  8. Your the man! I do appreciate it. :hail2:
  9. No doubt! I'd take the Lizstick red over that burnt orange any day for 6k.

    Razor. :D
  10. One looks like Steve's car? :shrug:

  11. Yes, the second "orange" pictured was Steve's car (now sold).
  12. Perhaps this should be a new topic, but speaking of colors has anyone seen one in the dark forest green? (not the lime?) Like this...
    I would like to sell mine and buy a real one same color etc... What other unique (rare) colors are there?

  13. Yes, a guy near me has a green w/ tan just like your car. Call Liz at 1.800.888.8945 and ask her how many they made in that color.

    Remember that sometimes rare color combos are due to unpopular demand, and if you have similar tastes as the minority, it will make it quite hard to find your dream Saleen on the used market, leaving your best bet to order a custom car new.
  14. :D There was that pukey metalic gold. I have only seen one S281 in that color but like Mike noted, that could be because it is unpopularlar.

    All of the optional Saleen colors are rare but you would expect that when it is a $6000 adder. My favorites are Speedlab Yellow and Ocean (?)
  15. Let's not forget the 19 Vilolet Saleen's on the planet! I like it, and it really stands out...

  16. I know this if off the topic, but do any
    of you Saleen owners also own a corvette? I have been tossing the idea around about getting a 02-03 supercharged Saleen.I just wonder how
    I would like it compared to my 98 corvette.They are very nice cars.
  17. used to own a 96 Vette, difficult to compare, kinda like apples and oranges. my vette was more "refined" but that is to be expected.

    i have always enjoyed driving the saleen more though. seems more connected and like i am driving the car, the vette always seemed like the car was driving me.