COMPLETE 289 engine FS

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  1. im going to copy my craigslist ad for simplicity

    motor is 100% complete and in WORKING order. you will get everything needed to drop this 289 into your car/truck, minus the powersteering pump and alternator. Air Cleaner to Oil pan. Motor is CURRENTLY in my 65 mustang.

    15,000 miles MAX is on this engine. i had it rebuilt (nothing major, just .30 over and dipped) by Davis Machine shop in Paris Ky a couple years ago. heads were taken to Backs cylinder head for upgraded valves/springs, and check up. Drove this car on weekends and nice days so miles didnt rack up. oil changed with synthetic every 3 months or so. 3 months came before 3,000 miles. Im wanting more horsepower and theres no need to waste an orginal 65 motor when someone can use it for there classic car/truck or even throw this is something else.
    There is WAY too much stuff to remember so im probably forgetting stuff.

    Complete ignition is new. Wires, plugs, flamethrower coil (hi performance) and new accell distributor cap with electronic ignition (no points)
    Hi peformance manifolds (probably 50 miles on them)
    600 holley carb. electric choke vacuum secondaries
    edelbrock performer aluminum intake.

    MOTOR WILL NOT COME OUT UNTILL HALF IS PAID. You can come hear it run or i'll even take you down the road. Im not hiding anything. motor rebuild alone was around 1300 for the shortblock. Probably over 4 grand in this motor. Dynoed 220/280 before the head upgrade. guessing 240/300+ at the wheel.

    i need to sell this engine to fund my new one or else i'd keep it. Feel free to call or email me if you have questions.

    $1000. Half paid when you come and check it out. other half when picked up. i will have it picked and on a motor lift ready for you to come pick it up. i cant risk pulling it and somebody not taking it then i can no longer let them hear it run.
    located lexington ky
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.