Complete Bassani Exhaust For Sale Brand New

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by MikeyTodd, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. What up guys. I had this setup for a while and never had a chance to install it on my 1991 Mustang GT Convertible. All these items are brand new.

    BX5093-3 Bassani X-Pipe
    5093-C Bassani Headers(Ceramic Coated)
    BX 5093-5 Basani AftCat System(Aluminized with SS 3" Tips

    These parts brand new would total about $1425. I might be willing to split but would like to sell the whole set up. Make me a "Reasonable Offer". I'll set the price at $1275. I'm located in Cayce, South Carolina. Pics will be posted upon request. Serious buyers please, no scammers or lowballers, capesh. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through pm or at [email protected]. My phone number is available to those who ask and are serious. Paypal and local pickup is preferred but may be willing to ship if the cost isn't rediculous which I have assumed that it will be. Thanks for checking.:flag:
  2. :drool:Lowered price guys.....$1175:drool:
  3. $1100:eek:Cant go much lower than this fellas.:nonono: Again, pics available if you need them. I would put the set up on Ebay under my screenname Reed9074 but Ebay and Paypal have gotten rediculous, if you know what I mean.
  4. How much for x pipe and after cat
  5. Where are you located 885ive? The aft cat sells for $550 and the x pipe for $425 if you were to buy them from a dealer. Depending on whether you pick it up or if it's shipped, the price would vary. They are brand new in box so I'll take $850 for the two give or take a few dollars.:flag:
  6. Pictures added. Sorry for the lighting, I'm having work done on the electrical wiring in my storage area. New pricing guys. Best offers or total package offers are welcome.

    Bassani 1/5/8 Equal Length Headers - 5093c Brand New In Box Ceramic Coated - $400 vs. $450 online

    Bassani Aft Cat With Stainless Straight Tips Brand New In Box - $450 vs $550 online

    Bassani X-Pipe - BX50933 Brand New In Box - $400 vs $475 online

    Here are the links to the pics:

    Imageshack - picture001el.jpg - Uploaded by Imageshack user

    Imageshack - picture002cq.jpg

    Thanks for looking. Local pickup preferred, especially for the Aft Cat but will ship depending on price and location.

    Michael Reed
    Located in Cayce, SC
    [email protected]
    PM for phone #
  7. Do you have the baffles?
  8. Yes Sir:nice:
  9. willing to separate the baffles?
  10. No:notnice:
  11. Ebay auctions over and nobody wanted to pay the price so this is my final discount fellas. $900 for everything picked up locally. $1000 shipped through Paypal for everything. That's the lowest I can go. Wow, the economy is tearing us a new ***hole right now huh:notnice:
  12. is the catback 2.5" or 3"?
  13. you may have already said, but will everything fit a GT? or is it an LX setup? if it fits a 1992 GT i will paypal you the $1k ASAP, and thats for everything originaly listed right?

    [email protected] is my fastest contact it goes straight to my phone.
  14. Hey Jason. The headers are potentially sold. I'm awaiting payment now. I still have the catback and x-pipe available though.:flag:
  15. I am interested in everything if still available. I'm local and can pick up tomorrow. If headers are sold. I'm still interested in catback.
    You can email me at [email protected]

  16. Everything is sold guys and once again thanks to Tony for the purchase:lock::flag:
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