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  1. I did some searching through through the threads but was unable to find what I was looking for. I plan on pulling my motor and "building" it. One thing im not very knowledgeable is the fuel system. how big of injectors can i go without being overkill. i plan on upgrading the fuel rail but i dont know what to go with. or what fuel pump to go with. Can you put say 120lb injectors on a stock motor without doing internal damage? I currently have a e303 cam stock heads as far as i know:/ typhoon intake, 70mm throttle body, hooker shorty headers msd ignition...im new to this and this will be my first full engine build
  2. What does your engine build include? The stock fuel rails will handle some decent power without touching them. For most of us upgrading the fuel injectors and fuel pump is sufficient, but it depends on what you're building, and what your goals are, and what your budget is. A larger fuel system does not add any power to an engine, unless the engine truly flows enough air to require more fuel.
  3. Definitely need more info regarding the motor build. Whats your expected hp level?
  4. Im looking to build a high revving motor. 7500rpms. And trying to get 500 off the block NA . its currently bored to a 306.
  5. 7500rpm and 500hp on a stock based block?

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  6. no i didnt say stock based. i said im pulling and building i have been building a plan for what i need but im unfamiliar with the fuel aspect of it. and Anderson cams has made a few 7500-8000 reliable revving motors
  7. You need an aftermarket r302,boss, or dart block to achieve those rpms and HP without grenading the motor.
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  8. I am gonna be using a Dart block. So I think I was unclear and that was my fault. I plan on rebuilding the motor inside the car and building a new motor on the side. So im asking for information on both builds. the 306 i want to rebuild, do an underdrive pulley kit and roller it out. im unsure about what i should do to the heads and if i should even upgrade the fuel system. So my question now what air/intake upgrades would be neccesary to upgrade the fuel system. i do have a larger intake manifold, 75mm throttle body and bbk cold air intake. Would upgrading the injecters be worth it and if so, how big should i go. 60lbs? bigger? smaller?
  9. Yes i understand that. lets remove the dart high revving motor from the topic for now. i want to rebuild the the motor in my car for right now because it has been sitting for a year or so and i want to go through it all and figured i mine as well upgrade the engine a little while its torn apart. What im trying to figure out is at what point is it beneficial to upgrade the injectors
  10. I'm kinda confused. What size motor is the dart block build? For a 306 with h/c/i and the usual boltons you would be fine with 30#inj and a 255lph pump. You'll need a matching MAF and a tune for max power and driveability. And for a Dart block build no way would I build it to less than 331 inches and prefer a 363. Is it also going to be n/a? You'll need a bigger fuel system for that. Look into an aeromotive stealth system and probably 60#inj.
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  11. Ok that helps. I wanted to try and stick to a 302 for the dart block...however lets just focus on the 306 in the car for now because its making things confusing. ok so for 30# injectors would it be worth while to upgrade the fuel rail, i was looking at aeromotive 340lph fuel pump.
  12. Your stock rail is good to 500 or so hp. The 340 pump is good to go for anything your 306 can make. Are you throwing some aftermarket heads on? The stock heads suck!! Be lucky to make 250 rwhp with them
  13. my last dyno about 5 years back i had 315 rwhp so i guess im lucky. i like the idea of uprgading the heads but once again i dont know much about them. and for the 306 engine im looking to spend 5k total for the rebuild
  14. No luck with stock heads and 315rwhp, ....just not happening, physically that is, without sh!t ton of porting/milled and lots of money tied up into those stock heads. You should just do a good 306~ H/C/I and supporting maf, 30lb injectors, 255lph and headers/exhaust with a tune and call it a day :nice:
  15. Forgive my ignorance but what is H/C/I
  16. Oh thats short hand for heads, cam, intake. Less to type cause its used a lot around the forum.
  17. Makes sense. So I just pulled my old dunno and yuup I lied. Im considerably less than 315 im not sure were I got that number... so I have cam and intake covered. What would he a good street application head use for the 306
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  18. I really like the new Tfs 190cc-205cc heads. They have top quality components and support a crap ton of HP. If/when you step up to another Dart block build they would easily swap over for almost any amount of power you could make. They are pricey though running over 2k when you add all the extras you need for the swap ie rocker arms,gaskets,bolts etc. you also could get the 170cc tfs heads for around 1200$. They would be perfect for a street 306 but a little small for a 363 etc.

    You also could get some junkyard gt40 iron heads and have them redone for around 5-800$. They don't support as much as aftermarket heads but are a good economic option. Also if you spend some time shopping around you can find good used heads for a good savings. If you are building the 306 yourself you can get the heads,fuel system-mas,headers and misc extras done for your 5k budget
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  19. It's all gravy, if it were me I would buy the heads that I was going to put on my future build (if thats your goal, 363 etc) and slap them on the 306, no since buying heads twice. You may be a little sluggish on the low end so just put a nice 3.73 rear end set to help that out.
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  20. Agree 100%