Fuel Complete Fuel System

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  1. Also right now there's no need for a 255 fuel pump. I bought a 190 for my set up and it's even overkill. Also 24 lb injectors will do just fine.
    Jrichker has a big post explaining all this perfectly. But if you want to go ahead and go big right now then that's fine, it'll save you money later when you eventually do build the Dart stroker.
  2. So this had me thinking. Is there a point for buying underdrive pulleys if they cause charging issues, or is it something that can be fixed with installing a larger output alternator? I was under the impression that underdrive pulleys would be benificial. but if they cause problems and arnt worth the added power whats the point of them even being made. i would hate to buy pointless "upgrades"
  3. They do free up a few hp from the reduction of parasitic loss. You can/should do a 130amp alternator upgrade and reduce the charging issue. I actually have them on my car. It's just a few hp increase and really not worth the cost IMO. It is/was a marketing deal claiming 15+ hp increase and that's bs. Lucky to get 5. If you got them go ahead but if you haven't thrown any $ there I'd keep it and invest it in other area of the car
  4. they are worth a couple of bux if you can find a set used
  5. Before you can determine your fuel system needs you have to determine how much power you intend to make and what type of engine you're going to build. After you figure that out you can determine what size pump and injectors you need. My experience has been that the stock fuel lines and rails will support about 450 hp with the proper pump, injectors, Adjustable regulator, and mass airflow sensor. Beyond that you're asking for trouble, either in the form of fuel leaks and possible fire from to much pressure, or severe engine damage from running lean. I have an Aeromotive system in my car with 72 lb injectors and I've been very happy with it.