Complete(pt 3of3) How To: Supercharge 4.ol V6 Sohc - Mustang 05-10

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Mar 31, 2014
Okanagan, BC
**NOTE: PART 3 of 3 (30 image limit on this blog)

Obtain the ModdBox Plenum Top Plate and bolt it to the base of the Eaton M90 Supercharger & Pulley Assembly. Use the provided M8x40mm socket head cap screws. Clean

any excess gasket material.


Obtain the Stock Upper Radiator Hose that was previously set aside. Measure out and cut a length of hose as is required for your supercharger:

For the 94’-95’ Eaton M90 Supercharger (rectangular inlet): 1-7/8”

For the 89’-93’ Eaton M90 Supercharger (oval inlet): 2-5/8”

Use one of the 2” stainless hose clamps to secure the hose to the Plenum Top Plate. Loosely place the other 2” diameter stainless hose clamp on the hose.


Use the RTV Black Liquid Gasket and put a thin bead on both the Supercharger and the Moddbox Intake Manifold. Press the Moddbox Intake Manifold Assembly onto the

hose prepared in a previous step.


Bolt the Moddbox Intake Manifold to the back of the Supercharger using the provided four M8x25 SHCS bolts. Use the RTV Black Liquid Gasket to seal the Moddbox

Custom Washer in place as shown (the bolt located inside the Intake Manifold). Tighten the 2" stainless hose clamp around the bypass valve.


Note: The Moddbox Custom Washer must be reversed for the 94-95 Superchargers (orientation shown is for the 89-93 superchargers).


Use the RTV Black Liquid Gasket and place a bead around the Intake Manifold Top Flange. Place and bolt-up the Intake Manifold Cover as shown. This whole

Supercharger Assembly will be used in the next steps.


Remove the rags or paper towels in your Engine Inlet Ports. Apply a thin bead of Black Liquid Gasket along the Plenum Base Plate. Caution: Be sure to apply

gasket material around all the bolt holes (as illustrated in the photo below). The gasket material must be extended to the inside edge of the mating face as shown

on the bottom-left of the photo below. Failure to do so can result in a leak in your Intake Manifold Assembly.


(Note: Engine rags/paper towels removed from engine ports prior to installing Plenum Top Plate)

Place the whole Supercharger Assembly on the Moddbox Plenum Bottom Plate. Align the holes and bolt it down using the twelve M8x30 hex bolts. Do not forget the

bolt under the Supercharger Snout. Torque the bolts in a cross-pattern.


Locate the disconnected Fuel Vapor Return Line. Cut off the press fit connection and reconnect it to the remaining 3/8” barb on the ModdBox Intake Manifold.


Connect the fuel Vapor Return Line to the un-used Barb as illustrated.


Use the provided 1/4" Tee and connect the Brake Boost and Vac Lines to the 14" long 3/8" diameter hose connected to the Supercharger Assembly (prepared in an

earlier step). Secure the Vac lines with the provided hose clamps.


Connect the Moddbox Flexible EGR Extension to your EGR valve.


Install the EGR Valve using the Moddbox EGR Spacer and the provided M8x40 SHCS bolts. Note: The provided spacer is anodized black (raw aluminium shown).


Install the Throttle Body.


Bend the Stainless Steel EGR Extension to suit. Secure it with the provided C-clamps as shown. Connect the EGR Extension to the stock EGR re-circulation line.

Caution: The Stainless Steel EGR Extension is not designed to be twisted. Do not twist the EGR Extension when tightening the threads or damage to the extension

may occur.


Use a knife and carefully cut your Stock Rubber Intake Pipe along the center of the ribs as shown. Be sure to count the ribs and confirm the exact location for




Use your knife and carefully carve out the ribs to allow for a stainless hose clamp.


Install the Moddbox Intake Pipes using the Stock Rubber Intake pieces and the provided hose clamps.


Install the 5/8" diameter hose to the Crankcase vents as shown. Use the provided Tee and stainless steel hose clamps to securely fasten them together. You may opt

to cut off the stock crankcase vent connection ends and reuse them if a stock-looking snap fitting is preferred.


Use the provided wire and butt crimps to extend your Electronic Throttle, TPS, and EGR plugs. Use the loom and remaining plastic strap to secure and clean-up the

wiring once completed. Plug the wires back into the TPS and EGR.


Slack your Belt Tensioner using a 3/8” Box Wrench or Belt Removal Tool. Remove the Stock belt and replace it with the ModdBox 6PK Belt as illustrated below.


Optional. Affix the "Supercharged" emblems where appropriate.

Plug in the MAF sensor, reconnect the disconnected Ignition wires, top up the coolant level, and reconnect the battery. The last step required is to wait 24 hours.

You must allow the liquid gasket material to fully cure at room temperature or as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Failure to provide the necessary curing

time may lead to vacuum leaks.


MAF sensor plug

EGR Vac Line to EGR Valve

EGR Stainless Recirculation Line (if equipped)

Crank Case Vent Hose to Intake Tube (may be 2 depending on your model)

IAC Electrical Plug (may need to check polarity on the wiring extension)

TPS Electrical Plug (may need to check polarity on the wiring extension)

Ignition Coil Plug

Throttle Cable is Connected

Cruise Control Cable is Connected

Throttle Cable & Cruise Control Mount is Adjusted

Electrical extension wires are secured away from the Throttle Cable and Cruise Control cables. Caution: Failure to verify obstruction-free operation of the

throttle cable and cruise control cables

could result in malfunction of your vehicle's operation.

Fuel Vapor Return Line

Fuel Injection Vacuum Line

Brake Booster Vacuum Line


Running the 5.5 or 8 psi boost pulleys

At minimum, you will require the installation of larger injectors (suggest 39+lb/hr), colder plugs (suggest 1 heat range colder with 0.035" gap - ex NGK TR6GP), and

an ecu remap. Moddbox makes this easy by offering these tuning services through our affiliate online tune shop at Lasota Racing. An SCT firewire to PLX module

cable and a compatible A/F Module & Gauge Combo Package is available that makes tuning easy.


We recommend either installing either Methanol Injection or an Intercooler Kit for all boosts above 3.0 psi. Forced induction adds heat to the intake air as a

result of compression. This added heat can increase your exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) during extremely harsh driving conditions. These EGTs could adversely

affect your vehicle. This risk can be mitigated by installing cooling equipment (intercooler or methanol injection). You can also further mitigate this risk by

installing an EGT gauge and ensuring that you do not push your vehicle beyond 870 degC (1600 degF).

It is a good idea to change your spark plugs. Although you are not required to change your spark plugs, Moddbox recommends running spark plugs that are one heat

range colder than stock. It is also recommended that you gap your plugs at 0.035".


Idle is Erratic

If your idle rises and falls in a repeating pattern, you have a massive Vacuum leak. One of the items on the connection list was likely missed. Vehicle makes a

whistle sound when driving. You probably have a kink in your crank case ventilation hose or a vacuum leak.

Squealing Pulley

The removal and replacement of a new belt may have caused your worn idler pulley to start squealing. Apply lubrication or replace your idler pulley.


Hope you liked the blog. Happy Supercharging!
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Mar 31, 2014
Okanagan, BC
Thanks racerraj!

The "good sleeper" is my favorite part... especially without markings and a stock hood.

Next time a GT pulls up beside me... I won't be able to resist. With +8hp & +25lbft more at the rear wheels... I'm sure it will raise eyebrows :)

Edit: I'll have to install the intercooler and smaller pulley sets when they come available. I'm excited to see what this thing will make on the dyno.
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