Complete repaint of an '01 GT... cost?

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  1. Anyone have any idea what it would cost to repaint an '01 GT black? I'm talking about doing it right... door jams, bottom of the hood, inside the engine bay... everything. It's performance red right now. By the end of the summer, I'll be adding a whole gob of new body parts, and want to paint it black. DEEEEP black. Anyone have any ideas about how much it would cost to sand it all the way to the bones, and spray it all up the right way?
  2. for a good long lasting paintjob...5k...
  3. ditto..around 5-6K..u might as well drop some aftermarket body parts like hood, wing, paint to remove...less labor for the shop...
  4. thats a really good your aftermarket body parts and have them paint everything..they might even give you some cash for the parts you'll be getting rid of..
  5. Good point... I was expecting 5k or so. Then I remembered the parts (some of which I already have) are already primed, don't need sanding or anything, just paint. Anyone want a stock GT hood, side skirts, and rear bumper? :D

    BTW: It's getting '03 Cobra sideskirt, and rear bumper (shaving the embossed COBRA in the back of corse). The Mach 1 front bumper components, and undecided on hood and wing (probably wingless). All in black. I'm trying to assemble a sort of hybrid body kit, but instead of overstated agressive lines, I'm wanting something smoother, subtle, and more rounded. Opinions?
  6. that sounds like it could work out pretty well..keep us updated :nice:
  7. how about a cobra r hood? brings smooth lines all the way back into the cowl, it is aggresive, but i dont think its overstated..
  8. Yeah that would look real good... realy low, smooth, black, chrome wheels, and a bigass cowl hood. *dreams*

    I CANT WAIT!!! :banana:

    only problem with the 00R pieces is that they are so common. Are there any other smooth cowls that aren't used as often? :shrug:
  9. you could take it to a body shop and have them do some filling to smooth it out even more, i think that would look great, regardless of how many people already have that hood..
  10. Why would you want to "repaint" your 2001 Mustang GT "another" color. Performance Red is nicer looking than Black.
  11. No it's not! :D
  12. You mean the Black paint on your Mustang?
    Please explain.
  13. Wow, this thread is so 2 years ago.

  14. If you've owned a Black Mustang, you know.

    You just get sick of the color fast. My LX is black. Paid a large chuck of cash to have a good paintjob done. It's just so difficult to keep clean, you really need to wash it almost every day to make it look badass plus every little daily scratch and rub shows up in the sun. Black cars look nice if there was a way to keep them sealed up in a chamber where no dust will fall on it.

    After my LX, i vowed i would never own another black car. Brighter colors look so much better and cleaner. I went with Silver on my new GT and i can go 3 weeks without washing it and people still comment on how clean it is. I love it.

    I would take performance red over my Black Mustang anyday

    EDIT: Dammit!! This is a 2-year old thread!!!!!
  15. You know a thread is old when a Beau post is in it.:rlaugh:
  16. Black is definitely a very hard color to keep clean. And all the scratches show on it very easily.
    I would take performance Red any day in stead of Black.
  17. Can't agree more. I had black Supra, black MR2, Black Eagle Talon TSI, and Black CBR. U get sick of color really really fast.
    Don't get me wrong - Its absolutely amazing right after you spent all day waxing it. seriously.
    But that only last about 5min. after first wind blow, sudden;y, finish you just spend all day perfecting is covered in dust. And bird usualy have special love for black car to drop its cargo too.

    If its a daily driver, and you wanna something that look good, stay away from black.

    On the other hand, if your car is weekend worrior or show ****, spend 95% of time in pink velvet covered garage, and go to car show in enclosed trailer, then I say black is the way to go
  18. "Why would you bump a thread in which the last post was January of '04?" is a much better question to ask yourself. ;)

    troof :lol:

  19. beaumandoline?