Completely new exhaust system! Installed! Cali Legal!

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  1. Well being the old man (late 20s) that I am, when I install my FRPP headers and SLP Loudmouth exhaust, I re-installed my old H-pipe after all the fun I had with my BBKs... ( Well about a week after I have it all completed, the left front cat decides to come apart... Great. Well I decided to buy a Magnaflow Cali Legal X-pipe 337339. Here are pics of the fun.


    The fitment was okay. It's not perfect, but fits good enough. I give it a A-

    I searched and didn't really see Cali pipe pictures on here. So I figured in case someone wanted to see what they actually look like.

    Happy Modding!
  2. Very nice! So glad I don't live in Cali. At least it's shiny. The SLP system usually sounds pretty good with a catted pipe.
  3. Catted is the only way to go with the LM1.

    Lets hope they still have them in stock as soon as I can scrape up the cash, or I'll be borrowing it when the next emissions test comes around!
  4. Haha yes you will and we will start this all over again Harvey! Hahaha
  5. I recall hearing a guy's '01 Bullitt a few years back that had an off-road X with SLP LM1s on it. Probably the worst-sounding Mustang I've ever heard. Obnoxiously loud.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty obnoxious when you're running NO CATs... Then again, most everything is when you're running straight piping.