Compression check numbers

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  1. I removed my smog equipment and decided to do a compression check on my car at the same time and come up with these numbers.

    1. 160
    2. 155
    3. 155
    4. 160
    5. 150
    6. 150
    7. 150
    8. 150

    are these goos numbers to be getting? My dad thought that I might have a bad piston ring and suggected that I do a check. Also, I took a picture of my spark plugs while they were out... tell me what you think about them. It seems to be the further back on the block they are, the leaner they become
  2. Those are good numbers. They're all about the same and at a normal pressure. My plugs are the same way.
  3. Those compression numbers look good. But [a few of] those plugs look bad, yikes. Definitely lean towards the back. Stock intake?

  4. Mine did that after the Eddy Preformer so I just cranked up the fuel pressure until they looked good.

  5. I have the edelbrock performer intake... i dont have a fuel pressure reg so I cant crank it up unless I pull the vac hose... but then it'll just be at 40psi all the time
  6. I'm surprised that you would see a lean condition with the Edelbrock intake -- the stock one is known for having flow discrepancies between cylinders, but the Edel is pretty dang good at evening all that out. My plugs are just uniformly black :rolleyes:.

  7. Numbers are good but 3 of those plugs are really white. Could be just the picture quality though.
  8. yah the numbers are good and consistent..

  9. good comp #'s.. doubt you have a bad piston/ring with those #'s.

    Look at plug #1.. its pitch black, obivously runnin pretty rich on that cylinder. The rest look just like mine did when i had bolt ons. These cars run lean to begin with.

    About the mis.....

    *Quoted from another post*

    "it might not be a missfire at all. it could be your balancer is going bad and causing a vibration thus acting like a missfire. that's what it sounds like to me. they usually go bad around 100k miles so i'd check to see if any rubber is sticking out the back of your harmonic balancer. if it is, then it's junk."

    Last time we checked your balancer had a nice whobble to it, and i bet you the rubber has worked its way out. This would defintalty make the car shake like it has a mis. The balancer would be the first thing ide replace, if it were me. your engines at stake
  10. I guess a balancer and some new o2's are next on my list of things to get for my car. Which balancer should I buy when I go to get one?
  11. What would be some bad compression #`s? I plan on doing the test myself next week.
  12. It's my understanding that the actual numbers are not that important (within reason), as long as they are all within 10% of each other. Perhaps someone else could confirm/deny this claim.