compression test results(i dont think the motor is bad)

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  1. ran a comp. test starting with #1 140 psi, #2 90 psi, #3 145psi,#4 90psi,also have a little water in my oil. replaced the head gasket 3 months ago but head was never resurfaced. would these results indicate a warped head? if so ill take it and get it resurfaced and milled . 100,000 and put a timing belt to match, and since i am at it i have a mild racing cam for a 2300. thoughts? input? thanks
  2. (thoughts*) racing cam, 2.3 , racing cam :rlaugh: thats the best one ive heard in along while :rlaugh:
  3. yah, it could be a warped head, but are you sure the head gasket isn't blow again? If you didn't fix the problem (ie detonation) it could easily blow again.
    Also, unless you did the compression test on a hot engine, it doesn't mean squat.
  4. Actually Carbed 2.3 with big cams have been popular in circle track racing for quite some time. you can build up a pretty quick N/A car with the 2.3. It just wont be very streetable.

  5. i have heard this aswell, but as far as a motor with no other mods, i dont see the need for a 2.3 street driven cam swap....wont benifit it much i wouldnt think, i could very well be wrong, wouldnt be the first time ;)
  6. headgasket was blown between 2 and 3, my compression test on a hot motor was posted wrong. 1 and 4 are at 140 psi, 2 and 3 are at 90 psi. and if anyone notices from my other posts i am not in a hurry to get this running, i have a 6 months before track. down here in the south when the cam is called a "high performance cam" we call that a racing cam. i have a below stock cam in my '68 and its perfect for cruising and probably pretty good when i turn 80 y/o. but at the track its strictly 2300's, carbed,no f.i. so with what money you can afford to spend, you do the best you can. this is my first year to race and i dont want any problems but im sure ill have my share. i wish i could get this 'stang to run like my 83 rx-7, that would be pretty awesome