Compression too high??

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  1. The head would be fine, but the exhaust valves won't work too good. You'll have to get them off a turbo head.
  2. Well actually I was inteerested in the head because of the valve sizes. The "H/O SVO" valves that they sell on there are 1.89 intake and 1.59 exhaust... so I figured this head comes with a little bit bigger valves than that, which is good...right? If I were to buy the H/O valve kit I would have to work on my head a bit to use the bigger valves, whereas with the performance head the work is already done....(the guy paid $367.00 for all the head work done including the surfacing). My only concern was the high compression ratio this head would have. I'm pretty sure someone told me that with a turbo engine high compression=bad:notnice:.
  3. I bet the compression would be too high for pump gas without a turbo even if you used dished turbo pistons...not to mention a turbo blowing on it.

  4. 12:1 compression + forced induction= :bang: quick money spent
  5. I think this is head is set up for a circle track 2.3 car running on alchohol, but if I used the turbo pistons with 93+ octane would it still be too high to use with my turbo setup?? Basically, I am trying to figure out a way that I could use this head because I REALLY need a turbo head, and it would be nice to get one that has all the work already done.
  6. probably-you always wanna run at least 91 with 8:1 in a turbo motor-I have a couple turbo heads laying around what exactly do you want done to one?
  7. from what I understand a high compression ratio with a turbo abuses the rings real bad and will wear out the ring lands before to long. And yeah 12:1 is alot, you'd probably have to compromise timing to not detonate all the time.
  8. Yes, it would still be too high of compression. Look at how much has been shaved off that head. It almost looks like they even did the angle shave I've heard about the roundy round guys using to get higher compression...

    You realize there is a TF member that offers completely rebuilt turbo heads with whatever mods you want (bigger valve for instance) for a very fair price right?
  9. Well if I were to go with a stock head I would definately like to install the large valve kit, and also do alot of porting to open everything up,polish the chambers, unshoud the valves a bit and get a nice 3 angle valve job.... Im not sure yet which cam I should go with, but i think i want to do a roller cam with hydraulic lifters and such... I dont know, I guess Im open to suggestions from other guys here that have done head mods.
  10. nooooooooooo...........:shrug: I dont really know where to go for the parts I want. All I know is I am planning on a tubular header from the vendor on turboford (the "SS" ones), and I am going to get a sheetmetal intake from Bob. I am still looking for a good shortblock in my area, but its not easy where I am at, we only have a couple you-pull lots and they are 20 min away. So if you know of any other people to go to for parts I would appreciate the help, thanks!
  11. I'm currently getting my big valve head setup ( at the shop making sure the head is worth the grind+big seat install). Any ol head will work for that, just buy the vavles, get yourself a head and take it to a proshop. If you want it ported, spend 30$ at harbor frieght and do it yourself, or you could get it done "professionaly" , just depends on who/what you know, and how much green you've got to spend. As far as the sheet metal intake, i havent heard good or bad about that( :shrug: someone fill me in) , i would opt out and save for a better turbo. Like i was saying, it really depends on what you have too spend and time frame you want this motor in your car by. After you locate a short block its money in the bank to have the bottom end re-seal/bearings (basicly rebuilt), after that, plus a turbo header, hoses, upper seal kit, computer, oil, and a 1,000 other small things that are good to do Along the way, Its gonna cost enough cash to get it done right, i'd suggest A: a Budget
    b: some realistic goal, like hp or quarter mile time C: and maybe a due date.

    Me, i guess im just impatient...i could spend 2 years saving and adding to this swap, i just want the basics done right so i can do more later without worries ;)

    my setup so far
    86 tc motor complete(done)
    rebuilt bottom end (in progess,maybe upgrade crowler rods*)
    stock t3(done)
    Nitrous works 50-175hp wet kit(35% installed,done till motor swap)
    dual core volvo intercooler(have the cores, just need welding)
    ported & polished head(mostly done)
    Big valves (at shop,in progress)
    ported E6( waiting for porting, bauhaha)
    Gutted upper ,knifedge lower intake (done)
    Ranger roller cam + RR(done)
    Big vam(done!)
    Boost gauge (installed and wired! done!)
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump (waiting for empty tank to install)

    Still needed/wanted
    Gillis boost controller
    Crowler Rods

    Turbo header + 3in dp
    Hybrid turbo...i could live with an hx 35 and a turboheader ;)

    I have somewhere from 800-1,000$ already invested, so you make the call on what u can afford :)
  13. is there anyway to move this thread to "Talk".....?:shrug:
    its starting to stray a bit from "technical discussion" :D
  14. Sounds like a killer resto/build up. I plan on doing some Sho, if you will for my stang, but i rather like the GO first. This is my driver car...and i love eating rice. First On Race Day has always been my modo :) Ford may have not shipped my lx that way, but im sure as heck gonna make it into one quick stang! Well good luck on the project, when you get to the motor....i fear what may come with just looking at what you've got planned for the rest of the car :nice: