Computer Program..Which one is this??

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  1. Hey guys I just got a computer out of my buddy's totaled 'Fox Body Mustang GT and Im wondering what type it is and if it would be a good swap for mine..I have heard a lot of the benefits of an A9L swap and I want to know if this is a simalar or basicly identical computer program for fuel injection..The actual label up top says " EECIV SFI-MA2 8LD"
    And then there is a sticker on the side that says:
    "Part # 658821
    Serial # 270542 OFF-ROAD
    '88 Ford Mustang
    302 Supercharged
    Manual 5-Speed"
    So is this a good computer to swap to from mine and if so, do i need to cut out the wiring harness it was plugged into?

    Thanks alot..
  2. I don't know, that '302 Supercharged' reall throws me off.

    BUT . . . I thought the consensus was that the conversion kit to go from 94-95 to A9L wasn't worth the money over a tuner.
  3. Well i can get the computer and harness it was plugged into for free
  4. Knowing what I now know about how the older fox pcm works and how our pcm works.

    I would not switch to the old pcm even if like you, I got one free.

    I would tell you to just tune the one you got.


    You can see tons of details, info, opinions, etc if you use PIH in the search engine.

  5. Thanks Grady..What does PIH Mean?
  6. It is a kit from the old ProM company that made it easier to retrofit the older pcm in our cars.

    I forget what the pih stands for and what all was contained in the kit.

    Anyway, I wanted to give you what you needed to gain access to the info.

  7. Hey Grady..What is your opinion on swapping the 8LD for my puter??
  8. I don't know what a 8LD is :shrug:

    Don't make no never mind anyhow as far as I'm concerned :nono:

    I think 94-95 Stangs need to have 94-95 puters :D

    btw ... there is a guy over on the Corral I have been talking to with the Almighty A9L puter in his car singing the blues about cold starts.

    He has got a blower and 42's with drivability issues.

    How has his older Fox puter made the outcome of 42's turn out any different for him than most of us who use those same inj's in our cars with the correct pcm.

    All Together Now ... Lets Slay This PCM Retro Fit Vampire ;)

    Everybody .............. gather up your Silver Bullets, Crosses, Wooden Stakes, and Clove of Garlic Necklaces. :nice:

    :banana: Death & Doom to Internet Myth :banana:

  9. The second best thing about Grady is a really well developed sense of smiley appropriateness. It is, IMHO, unmatched on Stangnet.:hail2:

    The number one thing is obviously the willingness to share knowledge.:nice:

    In terms of swapping to the A9L... its an inferior and functionally limited piece of equipment. If you don't want to mess with tuning the sn95 machine, then just get a pro-tune and save a lot of time!

    I think switching our comps to A9Ls is giving up; you might as well drag out your carb and swap jets while you are at it:rolleyes:

  10. Thanks Adam for the kind words. :)

    I do so enjoy trying to help if or when I can. :nice:

    It is not wrong to retro fit the older pcm and I don't deny it has helped some folks that are out there.

    Its just that now ...... there is a better way. :banana:

    When our cars were still kinda young, the retro fit was much more suited then than today. ;)

    Like most things ... technology has moved on
    We also need to move on ... away from pcm's of the 1980's :rlaugh: