Computer Tune????

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  1. Ok Guys I am looking for some direction please!!! I am looking for a way to tune my cars cpu.

    Here is what I have done to the car so far
    306 with e cam, gt40 4 bar heads ported and polished, exhaust ports honed out , Explorer intake, 70mm mas air meter and throttle body, bbk shorties, bbk h-pipe, trans is automatic, and has B&M shift kit and 2200 stall converter, rear gears are currently stock Lokking at going to 373 or 410's.

    The car is currently trying to shift into overdrive at 30-35mph if you stomp on it the car will almost die when coming back to a closed throttle position. I am looking to do some tunning any help would be very much appriciated!!! Brian
  2. You AODE is not computer controlled.

    What size injectors are you running? What size injectors is your MAF setup for?

    Turn your throttle stop in half a turn at a time and let the EEC re-stabilize your idle. See if the car still dies.

    Keep an eye on your headers to make sure you're not running in a lean condition that you're not aware of.
  3. running 19 lb explorer injectors, The MAF sensor was taken from a t-bird that had 19lbs injectors on it. I have o2 sensors still installed but no plumbing for any of the smog stuff
  4. Try what I suggested above with the throttle stop. Look for vac leaks and look into that shift kit for problems.
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  5. It did the same thing before I installed the shift kit