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  1. Whats your thoughts on combinding the look/ color of "Eleanor" from "Gone in 60 seconds" movie back in 2000 with a 2001 ford Mustang Base. the 2001 pic isn't stock I guess you can say with chin Spoiler, But lets say keep the chin spoiler change out the grill will a more Eleanor looking one along with a lower grill, add "Duck Tall" Spoiler to the back change out the side scoops with larger looking ones, add upper side scoops, add GT 500 style race stripe down middle with Rocker Stripes under door along with GT500/Shelby badges/emblems. With a possible custom hood disgned like Eleanor's. Along with changing out headlights with "Halo" lights and adding/upgrading Fog lights.Getting custom side skirts and a side exhaust. I know it wont exactly be like the Eleanor in the Movie but it was an interesting thought I had being a fan of 94-04 body, later I wish to add a 5.0 supercharged but for now stuck with a dam v6. So whats your thoughts on such a project?
  2. Would you like to support that comment? Explain, support, details, how,why, conclusion. Anyone can put 4 letters together and leaving it at that, any true car enthusiast will give his/hers reasons for such a comment.
  3. Well John, welcome to StangNet. I'm sure madspeed didn't intend to cause any harm with his comment. He is a regular here and will be glad to offer his opinion as will others. You'll have to get used to other Stanger's opinions on your posts if you ask for opinion and even when you don't. I think the idea is that too many body add-ons look a bit tacky.."ricey" if you get the drift. Post pics of what you like and ask opinions, don't be offended.
  4. I can understand wanting to change the looks of your stang and make it stand out. Our New Edge mustangs wouldn't make good Eleanor cars. They just look too different. A 2005 or newer has the shape for it. Changing the car too much can make it look this 99-04 turned 2005...the curve of the hood just doesn't work from this angle.....not at all.


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  5. I want my car to look more I got louvers to start. And I want to blackout the rear and add a chin spoiler like yours as well. A throwback to the 70's Boss and Mach 1's.

    It just dawned on said change the grille.....not the frontend. A billet grille would look alright. I'm kinda thinking of one myself.
  6. If that's your car in the top pic, I'd just leave it alone and not change a thing. Looks good just the way it is

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  7. I agree with gearheadboy the 99-04s are just so far off from the original mustangs that i this it would be really costly to get one to the point where some one would make the connection.

  8. Don't worry, I am a true enthusiast and hence the comment. Too many add ons and changes from the original design tend to come across and ricey. Look at your Honda Civic guys as an examle. A clean tastefully modded Civic im ok with. Add big ass wings and unsightly curves to the body lines...meh. As a true enthusiast, I prefer to keep with the clean lines and styling that Ford intended for the car and keep it a Mustang!

  9. I can see the project you are intended on working on, but with the 2000 Eleanor being more rounded and the New Edge having hard, sharp lines the merger would be trickey.

    I'd say, in my personal opinion, to do something along the lines of a New Edge "greatest hits". If, in some way, you could combine some Saleen, Roush, Mach-1, SVT aspects, and as long as you like the car, you could have one sweet ride!