Concern about removed air silencer

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  1. I removed the air silencer after installing a new air filter today and I'm just a little concerned about hydrolocking now that a good portion of the filter is exposed. Is there any increased chance of hydrolocking now?

    I attached a pic if it helps

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  2. Hydrolocking?
  3. Water gets in the pistons and completely blows the engine .....or something like that.
  4. 1. No. Just don't drive through puddles that are 4 feet deep.

    2. Put the air silencer back on. You lose a hp or 2 by taking it off---you are now sucking in hot engine-bay air.

    3. If you don't want to put it back on, send it to me. My car (bought used) didn't have one on it.
  5. Get a K&N filter.
  6. Just about everyone I've ever seen mention this says the exact opposite. You gain a couple HP if anything, you don't lose any.

    Mine is off and and I can't really claim much of an increase (dropped in the K&N and just left the silencer off) but it does make a cool whooshing noise now :)

    Some people go further and cut off the housing, just leaving enough to secure the filter.
  7. I agree with Xneox. It's just common sense! Yes, you will get more air in, but the air you are pulling in is warmer air. I don't understand it, either??? I mean I know that the silencer is going to restrict the amount going into the engine, but no more than a typical paper filter would. If it did, Ford would have made the silencer tube better. Remember, they are trying to get a good preformance car off the sales floor here. You may argue with me saying well why don't they put an H pipe on the v6? It would cost a LOT more to put an H pipe with dual exhaust on a car than to make a rubber channel 1/4" larger in circumfrence.....
  8. :lol: :rlaugh: No offense, but do you really think that Ford classifies the 6 as a performance car?
  9. My insurance company doesn't even consider my Mustang a performance car :D

    Face it, there are tons of things car companies do that are stupid. The cars don't come off the factory floor 100% optimized.

    80% or more of the air you are sucking in is still coming from the wheel well. The 20% of the air you are going to get from the engine bay may be a tad warmer, but it isn't going to heat up the 80% cool air all that much, and engine bay air, while warm, is still cooler than whats going on inside your engine.

    I think the main thing with taking the silencer off is you expose your filter to more dirt if anything. And if you have a K&N, like you should, you can just wash it, so it's not that big a deal.
  10. you dont understand the way im using the term preformance. I don't mean race preformance, I mean dependable driving type performance. One that's going to las a long time, perform under a long life with the occasional jackass who likes to run it to hte red line every time its driven.
  11. I would have to agree with you there 100%. I also believe you would lose performance. I did the same thing to one of my other cars and I learned my lesson. It lost about 5 hp. Sure, if you dont care about the hp and just want the cool air sucking noise. go for it. :shrug:

    Air expands alot even with a little heat.
  12. looks like he cut the airbox with at dremel to me also
  13. U gain HP but it aint exactly noticable. :banana:

    FACT, the silencer is far enough from the motor for heat not to reach it. :banana:

    Unless your overheating. :spot:
  14. Didn't touch it...might be one of a few minor oddities I've found with my car :shrug:
  15. well i doubt u would notice any increase or decrease in HP if u take that thing off, and i REALLY doubt u'd hydrolock my removing it, i mean, if anything ud do it with the silencer on there cause it makes the intake lower to the ground anyways, like xneox said, stay clear of the 4 foot puddles, my airfilter is bout 8 inches off the ground down in the fender cause of the supercharger, it sucks being that low, u gotta be carefull, but i doubt youd have any problems with it off, i took mine off on my old stang and i dont remember noticing much difference really
  16. At idle you will be sucking warm(er) air in (maybe)...but think long term, think air movement. even at a 5-10mph roll that filter is not sucking air from behind it, rather the front of the car. There is a reason exsposed cone air filter's gain hp over the stock setup, and there is also a reason why after market CAI pipe the entire cone to the fender-well....Either way, i HIGHLY doubt any loss in hp.

    Ps: hyrdolocking? do you forge rivers in your mustang? Did you know you can pop off a vaccum line while your car is running and stick in a glass of water and have your car drink that entire glass just fine? lol , hydrolocking.

    I wont even mention water/alky injection.... you have a better chance of blowing a headgasket on a water jacket side, sucking the water from your cooling system and then hydrolocking than you will ever mostly likely see on the road.( And yes, the head gasket thing can happen)
  17. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    You just made my morning :).
  18. first of all you will gain 2-5hp. combining a small silencer with a paper stock filter makes a real restriction.
    when the silencer is off it pulls gobs more air in and it is close enough to the fenderwell that mostly cooler fender well air will be sucked in.

    ford used the silencer for 1 reason and that`s why it is named the silencer. they have to comply with noise emissions also

    small amount of 5 degree cooler or large amount of 5 degree warmer air? i`ll take the larger amount of warmer air any day to make power. how about a vortech blower. it adds more air but it is a helluvalot hotter too, in the neighborhood of 200 degrees. air temp is important but more air is more air

    don`t worry about hydrolocking it won`t happen. i had a custom ramair setup on my car that went from the foglight cutouts to the silencer. that will pickup far more water than just removing the silencer. by the way the ramair had a worse seat of the pants dyno than removing the silencer
  19. I don't mean to be a jerk about this, but do you guys realize that every one of you had a different "opinion" on what the air silencer does. I'm not saying anybody's wrong, but some are like "you lise 1-3 hp" then some are, "you gain 3-5 hp" you know to anybody who doesn't know whats going on with their cars, they'd read this thread and be like "WTF?" everybody contradicting each other. Does anybody have proof of the numbers that removing the air silencer will change? Any dynos? If not then how are some of you guys coming up with some answers and others coming up with others, but according to some of you, they're "Facts".
    Sorry like I said, not to be a jerk, but I just don't like how everybody's right here but there's different answers
  20. Educated guesses. :shrug: