Concern about the 1-piece headlights!

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  1. I am in the market for new headlights and really like the new one piece lights from

    One question though, can you adjust the aim of the light? Don't want to blind people are the road and don't want them looking too low on the road. Do you have to adjuct the whole fixture itself or can the single headlight buld be moved up or down like on the high-end imports???

    Just curious before I made a purchase!
  2. I would assume that they would be adjustable. maybe mansonozz will chime in. I know he has a set.
  3. i have them, They are kinda adjustable, you can kinda tighten the upper/lower bolts on a little more if you have too depending on how you like your lights but no there is no real adjustment kinda thing unless i just missed that aspect.
  4. they look nice, i'd like to get them when i do the paint...wonder if you could use some washers or plastic disks as shims, but i guess that would take a while to do.