Confused on the GT exterior

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  1. Ok im some magazines... i see the GT featured with the Dual racing stripe going down the car.. which looks awsome! is this just concept stuff or will this be included in an actual package..? Also about hood scoops.. i wonder if you can order them to be installed at the factory.. :shrug:
  2. No stripes or scoops.
  3. Just wait, I am sure the stripes and scoops will be on the other "editions" (GT-500, etc.).
  4. Expect the stripes and scoops to be saved for the Shelby Mustangs.
  5. heh i cant wait ;p im gonna be in one of these the second i can get my hands on one! :spot:
  6. I hope that the Shelby editions (assuming they happen) have a "stripe-delete" option for those (like me) who aren't into the all the clutter. It looks good on the classics, but it just doesn't work for me on the new car. That's just me, but it would be nice to have the choice!
  7. Can you say aftermarket! I'm sure they'll be out almost as fast as the car itself.
  8. I am hoping that the new Mustang that's coming out will get a hood scoop and some side scoops. The 2005 Mustang looks nice, but it's too bland without the hood scoop and side scoops. And if Stripers are added with all the scoops, it will look even nicer. I am crossing my fingers that Ford will make a Mustang with these things either as options or standard equipment on the new Mustang.
  9. Make it optional, or leave it to the aftermarket. Too many scoops and stripes, and it starts looking like an old-fart's car or a high-schooler's wet dream. Let's get back to a Mustang that you can option to suit yourself, not cram one single iteration down everyone's throat.
  10. Yeah don't expect any tacked-on, non-functional scoops. We finally have a mature design devoid of all that nonsense. I don't mind something like a functional ram-air though.
  11. I like the scoops on the concept. If one compares the concept hood and front end, to the production hood and front end, they aren't all the different (especially if one compares the silver concept coupe to the silver production GT).

    I can't see why the hood scoops from the concept were not carried over onto the production car. They should, at least, have been on the GT model.
  12. I don't know, works for me... ;) :p

  13. works in white too... ;)

  14. holy did u make thos? they r damn good lookin...i want one
  15. The black one is just bad a$$!!
  16. Black one looks good, white one looks custom-built for Liberace. Look for the hood that was on the concept to debut on a Shelby version. That's why you don't see it on the GT. That's my guess, and it makes damn fine sense considering the concepts hood, grille, and tail were DISTINCTLY Shelby-esque. I think all of those design features will re-appear down the road in the higher-dollar models.
  17. heh to bad.. it would have looked so nice.. i hope they at least make a hood scoop an option after.. ill buy it and put it on myself

    edit: Or i could jsut buy a new aftermarket hood :D .. thats the only thing i dont like about the 2005.. is the plain jane hood
  18. agreed
  19. with the way the 05 is built, I think it can really go for some side scoops. The hoods scoops are ok, but they have to be cool, like the concept, and hopefully they functional somehow.