Confused On What Intake To Buy????

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  1. I'm building a 393 stoker with a lunati 640 roller cam, trick flow aluminum heads with Chevy 202 valves, and a Holley 670 carb. Any suggestions on any particular intake I should use?? I have a buddy that has a victor jr on his 393 and it does fine I was just wondering if there was anything better for me. Thanks
  2. This is a largely EFI based section of the forum. If you don't get the answer you like here, maybe try the classic section. With that said, I had a Super Vic on my 427, but as far as the exact differences between the two, I got nothin'.
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  3. It's going to depend on what your purpose and power band is.

    Ford 351 Windsor V8
    SUPER VICTOR 9.2 (4500-8500 rpm)
    Designed for high-rpm, large displacement and competition 351-Windsor Fords, the Super Victor 9.2 is for engines with an 9.2" deck height. Ideal for drag racing or oval track engines operating from 4500 to 8500 rpm, this single-plane intake is engineered for square-bore carbs and includes rear cooling and nitrous bosses. Runners have a 3.10 square-inch cross sectional area. Carb pad is .34" taller than Edelbrock Victor Jr. #2980. Match this race-winning manifold with Edelbrock heads #77219 or Victor Jr. heads #77169.

    Ford 351 Windsor V8
    VICTOR JR. 351-W (3500-7500 rpm)
    Designed for competition 351 Windsor Ford V8s from 1969 and later with the following heads: Edelbrock Performer RPM heads #60259, Victor Jr. heads #77169, Victor heads #77219 or similar heads. Two versions available: #2980 fits SVO blocks with a 9.20" deck height and #2981 fits standard 351-W blocks with a 9.50" deck height. Ideal for both oval track and drag racing engines operating between 3500 and 7500 rpm. Runners have a 2.70 square-inch cross sectional area.
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