Suspension Confused--'track Pack' Vs 'brembo Brake Pkg'

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  1. I've probably just confused myself from all the searching but can someone PLEASE clarify the 2 packages? First of all, does a 2013 Mustang GT Premium (Manual) come with 3.73 gears?

    The Brembo brake package comes with:

    • Front: 14" Brembo® vented rotors with Brembo® 4-piston calipers
    • Rear: 11.8" vented rotors
    • Unique electronic stability Control® (ESC) tuning
    • 19" X 9.0 dark stainless painted aluminum wheels with 255/40R19 summer-only tires
    • Tire mobility kit replaces spare tire
    • Aggressive suspension tuning--is this the 55D Rear Springs?
    Track Package:

    Available only on manual GT Mustangs with a 3.73 axle, the package gives track enthusiasts an engine cooler, upgraded radiator, performance friction brake pads and the same Torsen® differential that's on Mustang Boss 302. The package includes everything in the current Brembo™ Brake Package, with 14-inch vented front discs, unique 19-inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires.

    My question is--do you get different springs with the Brembo PKG and the Track PKG? Is the Track PKG the only option that comes with 3.73 gears?
  2. Well, you have all the information there. The Brembo (55D) option group has what is listed. The track package adds to that what is noted there: Boss radiator & oil cooler, Torse diff in the 3.73 axle, pads.

    The "aggressive suspension tuning" on the 55D package is uprated springs & dampers & Boss LCAs (see the site). The 55D Rear Springs are aftermarket items from that site that just levels out the car. I won't be getting those as I intend to lower the whole thing later.
  3. That's redic. How is it that the 55D rear springs don't come with the actual Brembo Package itself??? So, if I order the Track Package, I'd still have to install the 55D rear springs?
  4. Yes, these were developed by the guys running that site to level the car without doing a complete lowering. That is what a few of them prefer. Check the specs on most spring kits for our cars, most drop the rear by about 1/2" more than the front.

    I'd also check on the specs of the track package to verify it doesn't have a different spring/damper set that is unique to it.
  5. Relax mate, you still get Brembo specific springs with your BBP. The "55d springs" everyone talks about are just a name for an aftermarket rear lowering spring made by Andy Marocco at They are great, btw, for reducing the rear fender gap.

    And no, 3.73 doesn't come with BBP unless you order it separately. You can have BBP with any axle ratio. Track Pack just adds some basically Boss 302 stuff to what comes with the BBP.
  6. Can someone post up some pics with the 55D pics (preferably before and after?)