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  1. so i bought a 2011 gt black on black , awesome car , but i have an issue the print out of the car says it has Brambo breaks on it , they are red but don't have the logo on the calipers , is there any other way to tell if they are real
  2. Any more info. What size wheels, the rotors should be 14", the brembos from the factory are goldish color, with the Brembo name and symbol on them. I'm pretty sure the name and symbol is cast that way, but I can check in the morning :)

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  3. Certainly you would have 14" rotors; not sure what color calipers for 2011, but probably consistent with 2013: dark gray or black calipers with red "BREMBO" logo. But this assumes you bought it brand new and the car hasn't been taken to a brake shop that replaces caliper sets to change pads, such as Les Schwab.

    Also, to get the Brembo package, you would need 19-inch wheels I believe, so do you have that size rim? There are Mustang and 5.0 red calipers, but these are not to be confused with the Brembo package.

    Take pics and post them up.

    What was the cost on your Brembo package on the printout? Mine was $1695, which included 19-inch wheels.
  4. my rims are 19 inch , tire size is 255/40R19 , i dont have the original invoice , i have a print out from the dealer an the print out with the vin says brembo brake package . but what got me was the logo was not on the calipers
  5. So, I looked at your picture, and looked at my brakes. They look the same just yours are painted red. The Brembo is a decal, which would be easy to remove. The only other thing would be to see if it's got four pistons in the caliper. The base brakes are a twin piston design, the Brembo brakes have for pistons per caliper.

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  6. Yes, those are BREMBO brakes.
  7. thank you all for the help , Ive been away from the computer for a few days , i feel better knowing that i got what i paid for lol
  8. yup that is brembo breaks......!!!