1. Guys, the stang seems to be running good, but the engine light is flashing in the cold damp mornings but not in the hot sunny afternoon. A mechanic buddy told me flashing means misfire. So following an old tip I heard, I popped the hood in the dark and to my surprise , I could see blue spark at all 8 plugs. Not at the wire but at the plug. Can not see actual spark but I can see blue light. Is this normal? Are my wires not heavy enough?
  2. Your wires are arcing. Time to replace them. It is a misfire.

    However, you might want to run the codes after anyway and see what's up. OBD-1 is a little different than OBD-2 in what causes the light to flash.
  3. Old school trick nice one :cheers: another old school trick is grab a tube hose of sorts and listen around the engine bay to pin point a weird ticking noise etc :D
  4. thanks bro, that's what i'm gonna do. this is my first sports car ever, I always drove crappy 4-bangers , finally decided to treat myself to something nice. I've had for 6 weeks now and its been running like hell for 4 of them. The wires are actually only two weeks old , but they are champions. Ithink i'll upgrade to motocraft or something more geared towards performance.
  5. If you can afford them, Taylor makes some of the best wires around. Avoid anything Accell, Granatelli or the word "universal fit". Some people also don't like the FMS wires, as they had a problem with arcing as well.
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  6. Thanks, someone told me today that Accell was a good wire.
  7. Please listen to this man. He knows of what he speaks.

    Sure... there are wires out there that are good. Some are REALLY good. I've personally fixed gremlins on least a dozen cars just by tossing brand X wires in the trash and installing Taylor's.
  8. Sweet, i'm lookin for Taylor's. And I feel like telling Canadian Tire what they can do with thier Champions.
  9. ^^^^Tru dat on FMS wires, I've had arcing, boots loose and boots crack in a week on a few pairs, got fed up with that, STAY AWAY!!!
  10. Believe it or not, I have the best luck with Accel 300+ wires. And I have tried every wire ever made. Moroso, Motorsport, and MSD wires all have a tendancy to leak. You can get the 300+ over the counter next day from Advance with a lifetime guarantee. It's the only wire with a boot thick enough to get along with my Valentine One Radar detector. I tried a set of Taylors one time, and they didn't leak. Unfortunately they kept falling off the plugs.