1. Congrats Zach on having the first thread in talk locked lol Good Job Bro

    Not sure how you lock a thread in talk :shrug:

    maybe mine will be #2 lol
  2. this is cause for celebration

  3. Well I decided to look and see after i posted lol its not the first but oh well
  4. Thats true, there was a thread locked within the first few hours of the talk section..... :mad:
  5. Killer had his thread locked it was called "is this section really needed"

    didn't last long, was in the first 10minutes of this new talk section
  6. lol yeah i lokked there was like 3 before that one
  7. Busted :owned:
  8. i say and do a lot of stupid stuff this was one of um should have looked before i posted HA HA should have used the search button
  9. BUT its still right cause the other ones that were locked were busting on the section and the moderators his was just random talk
  10. The only one locked in here was Paul's poll about this section. Since Mike wasn't going to change it he felt a poll was not necessary. Not a real big deal. Everyone is over it. The talk section has been a hit.
  11. :nice:

    i'll admit, i was pretty sceptical at first, now i like it
  12. btw-can i still come in here when i get a fox? :D :rlaugh:
  13. Hell no! we dont want your kind around here. Thats why we asked for our own section.

  14. I'll admit i was all for it when the **** started about all the talk in the tech section started rather then having to use the 5.0 talk section. I liked the old way but i'd rather have this then use the 5.0 one with all them asses in there

    Pat to me your always welcome on or boards lol even though we'll probably still talk on AIM no matter what
  15. :rlaugh:
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  16. :D
  17. New Avatar!?!?!?!?!?!?