1. HOW IN THE HELL??? how did you both post at the same time and have pat's first
  2. damn you knocked my post down too... :eek:

    You have the gift.

    :worship: super302
  3. hahaha

    I remember when this used to happen all the time....the second post in the thread would be first :rlaugh:
  4. now mysterymachine did it!!!
  5. <---------
    new avatar.....cookie monster wasn't cutting it :D
  6. :bs:
  7. Youre trying to hard to be cool... :rolleyes:
  8. ^ :bs:
  9. Why don't we make this like a talk/anything goes/bs/off topic section and nothing can get locked, unless its a bit too extreme. but we can post vids and pics and such and just a hang place. a lot of forums have a section like this and it gets the most posts. so why so strict on our sections

  10. we already have one of those sections... plus, zachs thread is open again, so this thread is worthless.

  11. this is basically what it is.....an even MORE off topic section is the "wild horse saloon" (once known as teh Copacabana, and the Institute for the clinically insane)
  12. lol i think we need a nudie girl section :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  13. +1
  14. well they gave us what we wanted with our own talk section maybe we should keep asking for permission o post nudie pics in or talk section lol
  15. AND I"M JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS! :( :lol: Long live the thread that never ends :D