Congrats to Alcino!

Blue Thunder

Active Member
Mar 20, 2004
Upstate New York.
alcino said:
BlueThunder, glad to here that the wheels/tires should fit. Saw the pics of yours. Do you think the tires would still fit if the car was lowered down like mine is?

My car still has some of the flare lip intact, so I think if you removed all of it, there's a good chance the 275/40 will fit up in there, but backspacing is going to be critical, of course. And as long as you don't have much body roll, you could probably get a tiny bit closer to the springs than I did, since I don't yet have a rear swaybar, and it body rolls, causing the tire to tilt and rub if it's any closer to my springs.
You also have to tap in that bump that sticks out on the "frame" area, as well as removing the factory rubber bump-stops, otherwise the bolt heads will hit the tires.
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