Congrats To Michael Matkosky For Getting His Retro 89 Notch Featured On Our Blog!

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    Well now for something completely different!

    I don’t think we have ever seen another Mustang like it. Have You? A 60’s Retro Notch!

    According to Michael Matkosky, his fox body Mustang car was built as a tribute to all the mid 60’s Mustangs. The Interior has been recovered in TMI’s Mustang Mach 1 upholstery with an all new carpet headliner that has been painted in a custom red dye that matches the red band in the seat back.

    The engine sits on top of a seriously Matkosky modified K member to accommodate the 4.6 swap into the Fox. The engine itself is a 2002 Ford 4.6L 2v that is fed by a 600 cfm Holley Street Avenger carburetor that is mounted on top of a 4.6L 2V Edelbrock intake manifold and the engine management is all controlled by MSD. The fuel system utilizes a custom made 16 gallon steel tank and a Holley HP125 fuel pump that is used to get the fuel up to that Holley Avenger.

    The power is put to the ground through a stout 02 factory Tremec TR3650 with a Centerforce dual friction clutch assembly and aftermarket shifter assembly. Out back Michael chose to stick with a stock ford 8.8 and mini tubbed it to accommodate the 7.2″ back spaced 17 x 10 Pony R’s wheels on 275 x 50 x 17 Nitto tires so it hooks up. The rear suspension is quite simply a Strange engineering single adjustable coil over system that fits the bill and is great for adjusting the ride height and spring rate on the fly.

    The bodywork on the car both front and rear of the car uses reproduction 68 Mustang body panels that have been custom molded into the existing sheet metal using all steel. There is no fiberglass used to facilitate the transitions. Think old English wheels and lots of sheet metal welding and grinding and you get the idea on the great job that was done here.

    Michael’s project in all took about 1000 hours to complete and has been built over the course of the last year. All the hard work was done by himself with the exception of the paint.

    We really like Michael’s great ideas and styling cues that he has used in his project, we especially love the rear of the car. We all say NICE job Michael, it looks great! You should be very proud of your unique stang and thanks for sharing it with us all. We hope to see you out at the shows next year for now I am sure that baby is warm and secure!


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  2. Wow! That's great
  3. Thanks guys, I didn't even see this till today. :D
  4. Very Cool lots of work and dedernination goes into building custom cars we recently finished one of our own a 2011 bended with 68/69 sheetmetal called Reversion it's all over the internet.
  5. You're very welcome! You can post the link to your build thread if you would like!

    Send us over some pics on it and we may get you put up on the blog as well. You can PM me the info if you would like :nice: