Congratulations 25thmustang!!! (2009 FOTY winner!)

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  1. Congrats Brian. A worthy FOTY winner for sure :nice:.

  2. Congrats man!! Very deserving win!! Gorgeous car!
  3. Congrats,your Mustang looks great!
  4. congrats
  5. Approved by the norwegian jury.

    Carry on and post more pics please :nice:
  6. Well deserved indeed. Congrats 25th! :nice:
  7. Congrats Bro!!!!!!!!:banana:
  8. Congrats man!!
  9. congrats man, you had my vote
  10. Congrats man. Your stang is a thing of beauty. You have done a magnificent job building it.
  11. Thanks for the votes guys! Kind of surprised I won it, lots of beautiful and well done cars were in the vote.
  12. CONGRATS!!!! it's a beautiful car!!
  13. congrats! Great car, and tastefully done!
  14. Congrats, one of my favorites.
  15. Congrats! your car is just plain awesome.
  16. Congrats Brian! Well deserved!