Congress to Ford: drop the 2010 Mustang, get cash

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  1. Wow.

    Cancel 2010 Mustang; receive loan --

  2. What an ignorant, short-sighted, touchy-feely thing for her to say.

    I hope she gets lots of email to 'set her straight.'

  3. What an idiot.

    Why would ford stop making their most popular vehicle? There is a business side to all this as well. It's not just about economics and fuel consumption, as ford has other models that fit that mold.


    I responded on their website. Post number 12.
  4. Nice. I read the other comments on there. Good stuff.
  5. Yeah, that's brilliant. The F-150 and the Mustang are the two top selling vehicles at Ford and they want to cancel the Mustang. This is a prime example of someone pretending to know what they're doing in a position they shouldn't be in.
  6. The Mustang is a niche performance car. They need to look at their other vehicles for fuel consumption and emissions. What an idiot. The Mustang and F150 are their lifeforce, and people will not buy those cars if they have to sacrifice power and performance for gas mileage. Actually, my Mustang gets better gas mileage than my V6 Explorer and Edge. Maybe they should be looking at those cars instead.
  7. ...........aaaaaaand who voted democratic??? LOL!
  8. Thanks for posting the link. I just commented there as well. Damn tree huggers shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.:nonono:
  9. What does that have to do with a damn thing? This was an editorial. This wasn't congress saying that. Not to mention the fact that those that were voted for this month have not taken office yet, with the exception of ones that were re-elected. Don't go turning this thread into a fight club topic.
  10. Why the hell didn't she mention cancelling the Camaro since GMC is in the crapper?
    What an idiot. I replied to that article too. Hope she reads it.
  11. She obviously has not done any research and is one who is paid to write gibberish. Ford did say that now ABS and Advance Trac will be standard on all models and that makes me real happy. Ford has just saved thousands of lives. :)
  12. "Twin turbo V6" Power to play and 27MPG.

    Is that fuel efficient enough fo yo ass?
  13. Funny you mention ass with that avatar :)

    Regarding issue last time I checked the Mustang got some of the highest marks in safety for the segment. Hell my G/F sleeps good at night because of this reason and she's paranoid to the max about safety.
  14. I wrapped my '03 around a phone pole at 135+mph. I don't think I'd be here if that had been a Camaro.
  15. Rofl @ her post, who here bought there mustang for the fuel ecconomy? Mustang is not a family sedan which gets 50 mpg and had 20 hp, anyone who buys one is looking for its power not fuel milage lol.
  16. 40 people telling her she is wrong and her response "yeah whatever"

    I mean seriously isnt there any journalistic integrity anymore? The mustang is actually quite efficient for V8. All of my mustangs have gotten better mileage than my wifes V6 G6 and almost as good as my 4 banger Mazda6, well at least until the blower and 4.10 gears that is.
  17. I'm sure what he meant by that was the well known fact that greenies are mostly far left democrats. They are always buying the hybrids and wishing for laws to make us all buy them too. That's just the way it is. No harm done.
  18. Heh, I have firsthand information that post was not made by her.


    You're just going to have to trust me. :nice:
  19. I also wonders if anybody notices the humor in her exercising her 2nd Amendment rights :D
  20. This is ridiculous. Someone should get a petition going for her removal from the paper. People like her don't deserve free speech.