Congress to Ford: drop the 2010 Mustang, get cash

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  1. Makoto, check out this Popular Mechanic's Video, with Paul Randle, Chief Engineer for the 2010 Mustang. Pay close attention to his reply when Ben Stewart asked specifically about the Eco-Boost, near the end of the video.

    In the meantime, here's a direct link for the video below :nice:

    YouTube - 2010 Ford Mustang: Live from the 2008 LA Auto Show
  2. frigging retarded
  3. And just WTF is your damn problem :rolleyes: If there's something about my post you find as so offensive. Then either post your reasons, or otherwise keep your adolescent remarks to yourself :notnice:
  4. One of the things someone like this editorial writer should also consider in these economic times, is all the aftermarket manufacturers who would also be affected by losing one of the most popular cars on the aftermarket. You (reader) and I know how much we put into our Mustangs. It's amazing! In the current ecomonic state, canceling a car like the Mustang would have ripple effects beyond just Ford. That also needs to be taken into account.
  5. You mean like the twin turbo direct injection v-6 that they're working on? :)
  6. I expect nothing less from the Cub loving (its a St. Louis thing) chitown press...or the press at all.

    my comment...mind you I have NEVER left a comment to a "news" article ever.
    "Are you retarded? Dumb commentary with no friggin idea what is going on and your writing things for people to be informed think much less act as in informed source on the subject that the Mustang is the poster child for what is wrong with Ford is just wrong. If your going to be unbiased about the subject and look at things that need to be done look somewhere else. There is good reason Ford is bringing the euro. models over they are held in high regard as quality small cars. Guess since its a great solution you don't want to hear about it so you can focus on the evil Mustang. "
  7. While reading about the 2010 GT 500 Ford still has 29.4 Billion dollars of usable money to invest in the companies future projects. My internet is so slow other wise I would attach a link, they are in far better shape out of the Big Three.

    I have always felt the problem isn't the vehicle is the fuel, and its clearly evident here and abroad that demand for these type of vehicles has far from declined. I was hoping for direct injection 5.0/6.2 400hp plus motor with the 2010. Which is conducive to running gaseous hydrogen. Though still plan to run my 90 turbo Notch on gaseous Hydrogen once I return from Iraq. Nothing like having a 550hp car that burns water vapor to stick it to the prius turds.