Electrical Connector with no home?!

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  1. Hi all. First time poster, please be gentle. I recently swapped out my intake manifold on my 03 4.6 SOHC and I have had some issues ever since, but this is a pretty specific question. After I buttoned her all up I had a little wire with a female connector at the end with no male in sight ( so to speak). It comes out of the main loom on the drivers side near the back of the fuel rail. Can't remember pulling it off of anything and it's fairly short, so not many places it could reach. I appreciate any ideas or knowledge you all throw my way.
    Cheers. WIRE.jpg
  2. Coolant temperature sender?
  3. Might be wrong, but I think the coolant temp sensor is on the front passenger side of the intake. This wire is literally 4 or 5 inches long.
  4. It goes on a fuel rail stud. Just push it on.
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  5. It's right next to the last injector closest to the firewall on the drivers side.
  6. Cool man. That makes sense Bob. It's like the only thing it could reach. What's the purpose? Ground or something? Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  7. I assume its some type of ground beings rail is separated from block by the injectors and o-rings
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  8. Good Call. Cheers man thanks.
  9. Glad they got you fixed up.

    I better stay on the 5.0 side of things, haha.