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  1. Hey guys....i purchased this 88gt from this kid (that obviously did know what he was doing) that had all sort of things for one it has 7 8mm spark plugs wires on it....and on of them is a 8.8mm and a different brand. What will this do?....Is this the cause for my poor gas mileage, and surging while idle? ....
  2. i don't think so, but i'm sure the car could use a good tune-up anyhow. why not change the plugs/wires/cap & rotor and see if you still have the problems. probably would be a good idea to pull the error codes as well.

  3. I had one side 8.8 accels and the other side 8mm fords for a few weeks until i got new ones. That would have no effect of least it didnt for me.

    Just do what sleeper89 said...tune up and go from there.
  4. how do u Pull the codes???
  5. good DO you pull up codes? ....on another note Damn djk8705......the stang's looking hella tight....i love those rims....and there's nothing like driving stang back to on black....
  6. Need a diagnositics computer...any shop would have one.

  7. As long as the wires are all in good shape, there would be absolutely no noticable difference. The egr, and IAC probably are caked up with miles of crud. But take it to autozone and they will pull the codes for free. You can do a search here pulling codes. There is a trick where you dont need the scanner, but you need to know what the flashing check engine light means.

    You do need to do a tuneup. Accell makes some good stuff and it is available at the boys o' pep and the zone. I also like borg warner select rotors and caps. They use brass instead of aluminum. (Pep boys).
  8. Hllon, how did you make the word "engine" highlight to sell stuff? thats probably something new here (ads in the threads. great).

    as mentioned by my bud, Hllon, do a search for the user name "jrichker". he lists 3 sites for dumping them with no tools, scanners, etc.

    good luck.