Brakes Considerations For Front Drum-to-disc

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  1. Awhile back while digging for something else in a boneyard, I found a set of '70 disc spindles in the trunk of a 70 Cougar.

    I want to replace the manual drums on the front of my Mustang with these disc spindles. I have a dual master cylinder.

    Questions for those that have collectively done it 100's of times before:
    • Will a 'stock' '70 disc brake setup work with 14" wheels, or do I need to find 15's?
    • Should I move to a power brake booster?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. If there are still parts on the car, then take EVERYTHING. The booster, brake pedal and push rod, and the power brake distribution block...
  3. Make sure the spindles have the caliper brackets and bolts that attach them to the spindles and the splash shields. If these are missing, you'll probably spend more time, $$$ and aggravation to get/find the "correct" pieces than your savings of bone yard parts. I, personally, like these setups as manual discs, but that's up to you. Manual adds less clutter and works better, especially if you have a big cammed/low vacuum engine. And you won't need to change the pedal. If you do go to power, I highly recommend a roller upgrade for the pedals from Mustang Steve while it's apart. And +1 on what woodsnake said!
    Just My $.02,
  4. 70 spindles are the beter pick as they have a larger end size than the 68-69 at the treaded end, much stronger.wheel fit will depend upon what 14 inch wheel you have.
    if they are magnums,some early rims wont clear. if they are the 7 inch magnum they will,71-73- mach 1. most aluminum 14s will clear.
    i agree with Gene on the set up,manual works very well .no brake booster in the way
    no problems with vacume from cam size. requires a little more to push at the pedal
    but brakes will lock up if needed
  5. Thanks for the advice.
    The spindles came with calipers, splash shields and brake lines, none of which I would trust but are good for a reference. Glad to hear that manual master will still work.

    As for the car, it was completely picked through; the spindles were loose in the trunk like someone hid them there. No pedals or cylinder. (Luckily the car still had the ignition switch I went for; it was the only peice of wiring not pulled from the front half)
  6. love those wrecking yards. i found a set of 302 4v heads that someone clearly tried to hide in a trunk of a car beside a 68 cougar. i realy appreciated them removing them for me. i like to look in trunks and under hoods that you can tell someone has attempted to make unopenable ,or wired down. you can find all kinds of goodys.
    i found a new 650 holley on a car one time,but didnt have the money for it ,so i hid it inside of a van down under the motor.i came back for it the next day to see that someone found it.guess thats turnabout