Considering A 1970 Boss Tribute ...

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  1. This is what one guy said on another website ...

    I WOULD WALK WAY, THE BODY GUY IS LYING, HE'S A FRIEND OF THE SELLER. Since when can a body guy NOT be able to tell the difference between a rust bubble and a water spot? That's kinda like a doctor saying "well i'm not sure if that huge lump on your head is from a brain tumor or just dandruff.".

    He MAY be right, but IDK -- I should have my body man check it out.
  2. some day ...some day
  3. water that was trapped in the paint makes a small bubble .how big is the spot in question?
  4. couple of various spots around the size of dime to nickel -- there are a couple other glob oval spots
  5. they could very well be rust ,i would check them out well
  6. The more I think about this "rust" situation, the more I think it may not be rust. There are no other spots on the entire car. When I open the trunk the lid looks solid. The rockers look good. The upper engine mounts look good. The wheel well looks solid. Door jam areas seem ok. The floors have been replaced I think so they are solid as a rock.

    It just seems strange that they would have done all that to the car and not fixed so rust spots on such an obvious spot?
  7. not oval spot -- but more like a rounded rectangle
  8. sure would look good in my garage!
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