Considering a 97 Cobra

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  1. I would love to have a Cobra, so I went searching. I found a 1997 Mustang Cobra for $12,900. It has 63,500 miles. My question is how much longer do you think it will last before any major problems occur?

    Here's a link to the car: CLICK

    And here are some pics:



  2. Not sure how long it would hold up, but I would recommend that you keep looking and not buy that one. The lower the miles the better. It may not necessarily be the miles, but how hard the car has been ran too (i.e. if the previous owner is a teenager vs a retiree). I just sold my '98 on Saturday for $13,000 but it had almost $2,000 of extras on it, 50K miles, a cover, new tire and was in much better condition and cleaner. Trust me, they are out there, but it takes time to find the right one. It took me nine months to find my '03.
  3. If you want that one, I'd def try to get a better price because those stripes are awful.
  4. What price range do you think I should offer the guy?
  5. Just for reference - - I bought my '98 Cobra convertible two weeks ago for $9000. Only 24,800 miles and I knew the owner and that he had never raced or dogged it too hard. $700 for a new top and $100 for an alternator rebuild is all it needed so far. The deals are out there. Patience pays off.
  6. I wouldn't expect a price like that for a car with that mileage. This deal was insane-cheap.
  7. That mileage and age, I wouldn't pay no higher than 6500
  8. Is that a joke?
  9. I was thinking the same thing, too.
  10. no

    Um, dude....

    that price is way high.

    I'd say $7500-$8500 tops.
  11. fun ride... I've had mine for 97k miles and it runs fine. Not exactly stock though. Stock rear end and transmission has handled 500 lbs of tq for about 50k miles. Recently changed the starter.
  12. Nope. That is what I would offer. The price they are asking for is a joke for a 10 year old car. I paid around that price for my car which had 61k 6 years ago. Then it was a 4 year old car.
  13. I'd actually hold out for a 99-01 unless you just like the 96-98 style
  14. The price is high for the mileage. I'd expect that car to be worth less than $10K. There are a lot of deals out there.
  15. ....heres the problem with asking questions like this to people who dont live in the northeast...things down south and in the midwest are sooooo much cheaper than things around here(RI, NH, MA)....I have a cousin in Wisconsin, and I have been there many times to witness the price difference, not only in cars but food and clothes as well. Take for example apartments: My sister who lives in RI pays over $1100 a month for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 975 square foot apt....its really nice, however my cousin who lives in WI pays 300 bucks less for a 1200 square foot, 2 bed 2 full bath apt which is actually alot nicer than my sisters and has more and better ammenities, even an elevator and underground parking.. So you see while that car may only be worth 7500 somewhere else, they will get at least $10k for that car around here.....its just the price we pay for living in the northeast:shrug:
  16. got one and i say save your money
  17. check around maybe find one down south for a better price with lower miles again they are out there. i got mine for 8500 florida car no rust clean car with 65000 miles some will say thats to high but I like what i got
  18. still at the lot..

    went by the other day....down to $10,000:D
  19. I got mine used with mods for 5000. Well over 100k miles on the clock, and it runs perfect. In general, . Cobras were built to last.

    BTW, Fluff, are you a Legends collector?