Considering a 97 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by matrixevo, May 1, 2007.

  1. i bought my 97 in January with 38k miles and i love it. i honestly think that with 63 k miles you should be fine but i would work on the price a little if he will come down. my buddy has a 96 and he has run it extrememly hard and it now has 180k miles on it and he has only done basic maintenance. never had any transmission problems or anything.
  2. Dude i can get a 98 atlantic blue 79.000 miles convertible black leather 1 owner with cobra document missin original cobra rims though ( grand for sur maybe less
  3. whats wrong with that mileage, do 96-98 cobras have allot of issues and problems?
  4. I heard that cobras driven with say qt of oil low that are subject to rod bearing failure , Im trying to find out more about these cobra motors myself:rolleyes:
  5. I would say 10 for that car is reasonable from a dealer, it looks to be in good shape.
    (personally would lose the stripes) Its all about what you want, and 68 thousand miles for a 97 isn't too bad either. Now i bought my car with 68 thousand, and had to change the clutch, plugs, wires, ball joints *and all the normal stuff* only paid 8 for mine here in flrorida and not from a dealer. But as stated 100 times above, you could go all day hearing stories of people finding good deals etc, but i say as long as you feel good about it it don't matter.