Considering buying a clean 06 GT and want toi know any common issues?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking at a very clean and lightly modded 06 GT 5spd with 59k that has clearly been well cared for with all synthetic fluids and it has been adult driven. My questions are as follows:

    • How is the overall reliability of these GT'S? I plan on keeping it for several years and putting a bunch of miles on it, how is the durability?
    • Any motor or transmission issues?
    • Is there any advantage to buying an 06 over an 05?
    • are there any notorious issues?
    • Any specific thing I should be looking for?
    • Any other info on this model would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 05-06 had issues with wet passenger carpets from bad grommets on fire wall and premature failure of fuel pumps, symptoms of fuel pump failure would be lack of power at top end. No other major issues, all in all these are very reliable cars especially when well maintained.
  3. My 06 has 137,000 miles. I've driven it hard at times, but mostly drive it decent. I don't baby it, beat I don't beat on it all the time. I had the water on the passenger floor. Removed the cabin filter, cleaned in there and blow the drain out. No problems there since that. Had to replace the Blower resistor for the heat/AC ($20ish and easy). Only other stuff I've done - Spark Plugs (Champion 7989), Rear brakes at 80,000 miles, Front brakes at 120,000 miles. Battery, tires and filers...

    So - Sounds like you have found a good car to purchase!
  4. Yes I really have found a nice 06 GT that is tastefully modded and not abused. It has 59k on it and I would be looking to pay $15250 for it. I was just trying to see if there were any major issues with these cars. What are the issues with the fuel pump?
  5. $15,250.00 on an 06 GT w/59k .......that sounds like a rip off ....
  6. Not really a rip off, thats about the going rate for dealers.
    Ive had my 06 GT for 2 and a half years, 34k - 70k miles and only thing
    I have had done was ball joints which is a common issue Ive heard. Actually I just
    replaced the front control arms/with ball joints, with the GT 500 improved version.
  7. Well unless the car is completely near perfect / well maintained - (1) owner - which is doesn't sound like it is (especially w/mods) - he's paying top money - if he buys it and then drives off the lot and then turns around and tries to trade it in book on an 06 gt w/59k - is like $10.5k fair .....$11,500 .....if the dealer bought it out of the auctions or took it in trade ...had to throw some money in it sell maybe has $12,500 in it tops .......offer $14k tops/ $13.5k ...walk if they don't take offer .......
  8. 06 GT Convertible, put 90000 kms with no issues other than fuel pump. Solid car.