Considering my swap (engine AND trans) options, please make suggestions.


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Aug 17, 2018
Hi all, new to the forum. I had a Canadian version 1984 SVO a couple of years ago, also an '88 Turbo Coupe. I now have a really nice little 1992 Mustang LX Vert. I like the car, the power top is nice and works great, the car handles really well and the body is straight and rust free. However, after my 2 turbo'd 2.3's, this N/A is getting kinda boring as you might expect.

I have the itch to go fast so I considered selling the Mustang and buying something but I really like Fox's and I know if I get rid of it i'll want another down the road so i'm thinking about swapping out the drivetrain and keeping the body.

So... I like the 2.3T, it's fun to play with, easy to make fast and I like catching people off-guard with it. Or... I have a 351W lying around that's in great running condition that could be made pretty nasty. Or whatever you're going to tell me is easier or better or? Keep in mind I would really like to keep it all Ford, if the suggestion isn't Ford it needs a good reason why it's inherently better.

Also, the 'vert is rocking an automatic OD trans which I assume means it an A4LD. So if any power is going to be enjoyed for long that needs to go away also. I'm open to auto or stick. Sticks are great but i'd have to convert it all over, not crazy about that, auto would be easier and I had thought that it would be better on a 2.3T engine because you wouldn't lose boost in between shifts like with a manual but what I read online says they rob too much power and aren't worth it?!?

I'm a little lost here as to what direction to move in, what will work out the best and be the most fun in the end. Please let me know what direction you would go in and why. Thanks!
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Feb 18, 2001

Sky is the limit in terms of what you can swap in. Can do a 2.3T, 5.0 351 or even think outside the box with a newer evoboost 2.3 swap.

Really your call here
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Aug 17, 2018
Sure, I know there's room for lots of options in there. If I were to do say a 2.3T or a 5.8 or even a 4.6 modular. What transmission would you go with in those situations?

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Nov 29, 1999
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All three of those engines require a different transmission, as none of them are interchangeable. A 2.3 is relegated to a weak a4ld auto, or a t5 manual designed for that bell housing. A 351 has everything available to it, from a c4-, fmx, c-6, AOD, AOD-e, and a 4 r70/4r70w auto. And a top loader 4 speed, t5, tr 3550' tr3650, tko500/600, 5 speed, and t56 6 speed manual.
A 4.6 modular requires a bell housing specific tr 3650 5 speed, t56 six speed manual, or 4r70w auto.
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