Considering Reinstalling Stock Cam

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  1. Hey all,

    It's been quite a long time since I posted on here. Been busy the past few years and things kind of got put on the backburner in terms of my car. I still have her in great shape, but have done NOTHING to it the past few years except drive it; life tends to happen as you get older. I feel like I've neglected the old girl, so I think it's time to start tinkering. I'm no longer a broke college kid slapping whatever parts together. Cash is not really an issue, but I am wanting to do this on a budget. However, I will fork out extra money for something if needed. The setup in my sig, which I wrote probably 5/6 years ago, is the same setup I still have.

    I've been browsing places to find a used set of heads, some AFR's or TW, Trickflow intakes, Edelbrock, etc., but I am not having much luck. So I was thinking about pulling off the GT40's and porting them out, maybe throw the stock cam back in. I see most people recommend that with a top end setup like I have. I would definitely get a custom cam or at least some better off the shelf cam if I were to get new heads. I'm looking for a setup that is very streetable, at the same time, give my buddies a run for their money at the track. I think I would be happy with a car in the high 11's/low 12's. I know that is a bit of a longshot with the GT40 top end, but I am just tossing ideas around in my head, just want to feel something different, and wanted to get some input from others.

  2. I hate to say it but even with a custom cam 11's is quite the stretch without boost or nitrous. While I am not a fan of the B cam it will serve you as well as the stocker. Have you advanced the cam? That will help to make up for the lack of low end.
  3. I suppose I would be happy even with mid 12's. I am not ruling out the idea of forced induction...I would like to steer clear of nitrous though. There was a guy at the gym that I used to talk to quite a bit who had a ton for fox body parts from his previous builds. He had a like new vortec setup that he was interested in selling for $1000 or $1200 exclusively to me. I installed the cam straight up when I did it with the intent of installing 1.7RR's, and was worried about PTV clearance. I just feel like I could have a combination of top end parts that would better compliment each other. I know the Trickflow top end kits are great and are hard to beat, but it just seems too "standard". I know almost every possible combo has been done time and time again, but being an engineer, I enjoy experimenting and piecing things together. I have the mindset of "cutting out fat" per-say, in other words, squeezing out the absolute most potential with what I have. I have another 5.0 short block on the engine stand right now that I have also considered making a stroker, which would be out of my budget.

  4. With the right suspension a vortech unit with an intercooler could likely net you 11s. If I was to trim fat at this point it wouldn't be from the engine. Tubular suspension setup, aluminium drive shaft, light weight wheels, relocate the battery, efan, drop the ac if you haven't already.
  5. Thank you for your input. I do have an E-fan, yet to be installed, and already have aftermarket control arms, SF connectors, Torque Box reinforcements, etc...that is something I thought I had listed in my mods, but apparently it's been longer than I thought since I've been on here...I suppose I should update that. :D I do think I could use a better set of control arms and springs. I just found my first task of the year...tinkering around in the garage last night, something told me to pull the carpet up. I started getting into it on the passenger side and noticed the floor pan and the carpet was moist.

    I had an issue when I first got the car with water leaking inside, so I blew out the drains for the sunroof and that fixed it. Then coated the floor. I decided I'm going to fix the leak again and tear out the entire interior and POR-15 everything. Can't have any rust on my baby. So for now, that will take priority.

    Thanks again!