considering sellling the 95 and getting a 99-04. help me justify

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  1. buy a 03/04 cobra and be done with it:D

    yea right, can't afford that. but seriously, i dunno what i want to do yet. i do think i am going to hit a few nice used car dealerships and look for some 99-04s to drive. id like to get some fresh seat time in one and see what i think.
  2. How much can you afford? If the Cobra is out of your price range, how about a Mach 1? A step up from the GT, without having to pony up the Cobra cash.
  3. I think this maybe why you car is disappointing to you. A lot of money spent on paint and details would be why you felt that there was not enough power for the mount of money you put in the car. HAHA no offence just playing with ya man.

    Ohh back to the origional person to start the thread.
    You are looking into a 99-04 as others have stated before check into prices on the MACH1. They maybe better in your area but they are really high here. Last one I saw on a lot down here was about two weeks ago. It had 70k miles on it and they still wanted $14,500 for it :jaw: crazy, but it was the ford dealership and they took it off the used lot and stuck it with all the new cars.

  4. That is what I said! I've drove 99-04GT's, 05-08GT's, and 96-98GT's and cobra's. I liked the feel and the look of the mach more than all the others. The 05-08GT being a close second. They have as much torque as the 99-04gt but with the high reving power of the 96-98 cobras. A unique interior and the great shaker hood. It will also run mid 13's all day long. This is what I like though and may not be what fiveoho is looking for.

    I like my cobra but it does need more maintenance than newer cars. Just for the record with a smoking and rattling engine my car ran a 9.07 @79 in the 1/8th with just 3.73's and a O/R X pipe which would be close to a 14.0 1/4.
  5. a mach 1 would be a awesome car ( i've driven DOHC otto's ). they make great power and look killer bone stock. but they are still out of my price range. although they are getting more affordable, they still are holding their value well in my area.
  6. what is your price range?
  7. Five0's back and forth is d-advocate debating to exhaust the facts and options and come to some conclusions. Nothing wrong with that. Some folks have an egg timer in their head or some kind of if you ask more than one question or different spin on the same question they get angry or try to make you look like a dwebe. I dunno why. I have already learned a lot of good info here. Carry on!
  8. While I like most of the information here, I have to disagree that the only options for the 4V is boost or nitros. (although keeping the stock bottom end I would agree). There is a ton you can do to the 96 - 98's, stroker kits, cams, 02 cobra intake, FR500 heads or even c heads ported, will yield you about 400 RWHP, and high 300 TQ. I'll look for his dyno sheet and 1/4 times, you will be amazed how fast that car is N/A; and seeing that RPM needle dip past the 8k mark is awesome. Granted that is a lot of coin but it's very doable, and actually very reliable. Also everyone talk about the low TQ numbers for the 96-98 cobra's, its got higher TQ numbers stock than our cars, its just moved up in the rpm's.

    Speaking from a person who has had both the 5.0 and the 4V at the same time, and also one with boost (my 04 cobra) Truth be told I love every one of them, the 96-98 is sooooooo smooth, the 04 is smooth and powerful, and the 94 is just outright fun to drive. Another thing to think about GAS MILEAGE, my 98 with 4.10's exhaust and a few other little goodies got 350 miles to a tank :jaw: , Way better than my 94. Even the 04 gets about 300 miles to a tank (when not in the boost), and my 94 gets about 220 miles per tank. :notnice: I will make it a point to find that vid for everyone.

    Found it. Watch the tack needle. 459rwhp without a power adder. He also has nitros. Both videos All motor. 11s All Motor.wmv

  9. holy crap.
  10. Serious man it was crazy, that car just kept going and going, think of the energizer bunny commercial.

  11. :rlaugh:

    you should get a license plate : NERGIZR
  12. I always wanted a 96-98DOHC BUT IIRC the internals cant handle boost like the ones that come factory with boost.
  13. We'll find one and go 1/2 and 1/2 on it. deal?
  14. At least you only have 1 car to buy stuff for... It sucks buying stuff for my 68 and my 95 lol
  15. But that's not to say they can't handle any boost at all. They'll hold together well into the 450rwhp range with a conservative tune. Only the '03-'04 Cobras had the fully forged bottom end, but you'll pay about 2-3 times the price for one of them.

    That first video gave me a serious chubby!!!
  16. *edit* Not to hurt anyone's delicate feelings, but 99-04s are ugly IMO. Then there's also the initial investment, higher insurance costs, and the cost to modify it. Therefore, given the four options, I place the 99-04's a distant last. A 96-98 Cobra would be a great upgrade from your GT IF you can find a good deal.
    So therefore it seems to me the question is, what to do with the '95 GT foundation you've all ready built until a 96-98 Cobra comes along. Put a blower on the 5.0L and call it a day; if necessary, you can resell the blower. It's smog-legal, they've made the installation a no-brainer, and it improves on the foundation you've all ready built.
  17. Given the options then I would either wait a little longer and save some more money or go with the 96-98 cobra.

    There is a regular over on the 5.0 tech and talk sections that has a laser red 97 cobra for sell for $7,500 but he lives in Texas.
  18. I'm with ya, brother. :(

    I keep telling myself that the 95 is a DD, therefore no mods and no $$ spent on it. But I did find a set of lowering springs on Clist for $50. Can't pass up a bargain like that, right?:shrug:

    Course, now I need a C/C kit, and probably new shocks and struts...:nono:

    As to the original poster's questions:

    I don't recall you telling us what you want your car to be. DD? weekend racer? Straightline or twisties? All I remember you saying is you really want an 03-04 Cobra (or would settle for a Mach 1). Your original post is titled "Selling the 95 and getting a 99-04, help me justify".

    Don't tell us what car you want, tell us what you want your car to do? Here's what I've gathered so far from your posts:

    1) You've changed body styles in your post title. Do you like the look of the 99-04 better than the 94-98? If so, there's one big justification.

    2) You're not happy modding a 5.0. That goes back to my question above--what is it you want the car to do? Until we know what you're trying to accomplish, none of us can help you get there.

    3) If all you want is justification to get rid of your car and buy what you want, you've already done it many times in this thread. So go for it!
  19. actually, i did mention it. see ^ . weekend car

    also, i never said id settle for a mach1. i said it would be a awesome car to have. i also said it, along with the 03/04 cobra, was outta my price range.

    you say i never said what i wanted. actually i did. i mentioned exactly what i wanted in a previous post and it said :

    "just to be as clear as i can, here is what im looking for: something with lower miles that can be had for a reasonable cost. something that is very clean inside and out. something that is comfortable and reliable. something that with minimal mods is capable of mid - high 13's. i do not have to have or expect 300whp"

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