considering sellling the 95 and getting a 99-04. help me justify

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  1. Not to give five oh are hard time but this thread is becoming pathetic. It's 4 pages of people saying the exact same thing and answering his same repetitive questions. I don't see why this is so fricken hard for you. You clearly DO NOT want your 5 liter or this thread would be done by now since just about everyone said keep it. You cannot afford an 03 04 Cobra nor a Mach 1 so those are out. So either a 96-98 Cobra or a 99+ GT. I don't see what else you want to get out of this thread.:shrug:
  2. +1111000224387384358938259943594543 :ban:
  3. ^ well, if you guys feel its a pointless thread or a waste of time or whatever reason, wouldnt the best solution be for you to just not post in it? :shrug:
  4. I grantee most that have posted in it think its repetitive....not useless....i didnt say useless.....

    with that said good luck with whatever decision u make....which in my opinion should be the 99+ gt.....:nice:
  5. My vote is '96-'98 Cobra:nice:
  6. i just seemed to have hard time with a few to understand what it is im looking for( hence the 5 pages :rolleyes: ), which is not a 12 sec car. the thead is repetitive in spots, i agree with that. i do appreciate the info, comments and suggestions guys. since several feel its becoming drawn out, which it may be, i'll resign this one.

    99/04 or 96/98 4V ...either way its a mustang and i will like it. i do think i will search for a 4V first tho.

    thanks again guys :SNSign:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.